Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Came across this very interesting article about TRAVEL.

Not just us..there are adults who always dream or maybe dreamED of travelling around the world...well is AROUND the WORLD seem to be TOOOOO Big then maybe a couple of countries with a loong looooong break! However, how many of them actually did it? How many of them actually go out and TRAVEL! How many of them really at least leave back their work, their what-so-ever concerns behind for 1 month and just TRAVEL?!

Well I can see that it's quite a small amount of people who actually did that =/ It's sad isn't it? The article raise a good point! When we are given the chances we will think of excuses to let the chances by-pass us. 'Alright u should go for 1 month of vacation!'...'Yeah but...' But...' Yeah but yeah but...There's always so many Yeah But! But this but that...... when is it going to end? There won't be an END basically.

Travel provides experience. It might the experience where you only gonna have it once and it will only gonna be the one and ONLY. Why waste your youth waiting and waiting and WAITING for the so called RIGHT Time which never actually comes? Get Real! Pack up! Start moving yo! U thinking of u might lose the chance of getting a GREAT JOB while travelling and regret. Then why won't you regret u missed the chance of travel? The experience u might miss.. The cultures the things u will see and so on.....

Yes! So travel! Travel while you can.. travel while it's all exist! It's never too late to kick-start it! No more 'Yeah-but yeah-but!' It's killing your dream mate! Let's start TRAVEL Now!!! =D

inspired by this article:'s a good one to read on =)

Friday, October 28, 2011


OMG finally it's ended!
Ended with a parade just like model cat walk which I found it's VERY awesome!!!! =D
Another best part of it is I got nominated by my tutor! :D For one of the best worked model. Thanks alot Sonya! Yea although I din manage to win the award just now.. =( but It's nice that get nominated! And get to have some photoshoot and videoshoot by some professional photographer which is VERY COOL!! A very nice great experience which hardly be achieve.

Though at first suppose to be at some open space where public can just see us but due to rain we changed to an underground studio =( So Sad!!! But still overall is a very nice chance to experience being a Model for our own Models! There's alot amazing art work!! And this fren from the same tute his model kept getting the attention of the photographer! Even the photographer also confessed to him! We frens at side were like WOW!! That's cool....thus he do deserve the award *Envy envy*

Anyway, it marks the end of sem 2, the end of first year Uni life, the end of all the software torture, staying up whole night WOAH~!! N today suppose to do work here I am online!! =( Today failed to not on FB urgh!! will do so tmr!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sad & Happy events in 1 DAY

Smth I almost forgot..yes my 1st ever saman in my life with my fren right here at this place! =.= Cos tram tix wasn't validated...almost forgotten & POOF the saman is here today. HOW GREAT! Gonna try writing letter to them which my frens they said it might work. Oh well jsut give it a try la~

Next.........the HAPPIEST Email I ever see!! ''Ur tutor had dominated u as producing one of the good models........We want u to reach earlier to have photograph of the models and videography..' OMG!!!!! I'M so so so so so so so HAPPY!!!!!! Well just domination... hopefully hopefully hopefully mine is good enough to receive the award like what my fren did in the last sem. I will be so damn friggin' HAPPY!!!!! Please please please please!! >.< I really want to score this subject so damn badly! Am currently doing the Module 4 presentation..URGH so hard to compile everything in! Wish I'm no cramping too much and screw it up. I will be so effing HATE myself to the max by then! ;( Next good thing happened today is MUAHAHAHA another email which I could earn money!! Yesh the incentive pay survey!!! 75minutes survey n u get ur paid! Finally I'm chosen!! Last sem applied 2 surveys they never get back to me...NOW Finally!!!! Gosh damna happy! I wish I at the beach so i can shout but indeed I ended up had a 2 hours nap..WASTE MY TIME! =(

alright BACK TO WORK!!! Argh!!!! Gotta make this work out!!! Gotta score! Gota finish it TODAY!! This is the only subject which I have HIGH HOPE onto it!! Dont let me down =)

Saturday, October 22, 2011


First class honors! CONGRATULATION!
4 years of degree life finished with receiving a cert on stage, getting blessings, wearing a robe and the BIG Square hat, with photographs and MEMORIES. Congratulation to my cousin with this success! Hardwork pays off!

Yeap a long 2 hours convocation and yeap it was boring....but the main thing is seeing them graduated makes u think it's gonna be my turn soon. My friends telling me ur turn coming soon 3 years just a blink of eyes. Here I am in the final sem of 1st year! It feels like I just had my first lecture, first tutorial, first orientation YESTERDAY! And now I am entering the final week of the sem and gonna have finals examination in 2 weeks time. GOSH Time flies in Australia!!!

My cousin had set a really HIGH BAR! Dunno how many times of hard work should I work on to beat the bar =/ But damn it not in the mood of studying and here I am talking to myself O_O eeeek!! How would the life after convocation be? No idea.... I dont even know am I looking forward for it or not...some part of me wanted to go back to Form5 - college's life where I had my best years of my life!!

kk..gotta turn on study mood!
just a very random post at this hour =D

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Woohoo!! My cousin sister suddenly just flew all the way here!! For a convocation =D
Been so so so so long since I last seen her! Gonna meet her up soon which is Thursday evening!! ^^

2nd Surprise I got is from my brother! Damn he said he gonna blew all of us away in 1 year time! In what aspect? NO IDEA!!! ;( He is not telling! Not even a slightest clue!!
We needa wait till 15th Oct 2012 to reveal what's going on!! ;(
Seriously, if this is just a PRANK I'm so gonna kill this bro!!

btw today been a nice day..keep bumping into different friends! :D some have not been seeing for quite some time.. (weeks) It's a sunny sunny day here GREAT!

but it's cloudy now T.T Assignment....just a short post to kill the boringness

Saturday, October 15, 2011

No Title 2

Phew~! Finally it's settled!
But yeap deep inside me I know things ain't gonna be the same anymore...
It sure do need time to restore back to how it was I guess? =D
Maybe it's just me? I have no idea =/
I duwan to lose a friend just like that =(

Hope all goes well.... Aal Izz Well......

p/s: am so damn SLEEPY!! Jog or continue work? =[

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No Title 1

Great..this fren can't take joke.
Just take things all too seriously.....Or am I being too unconscious? However, this kind of funny joke always happen around my frens and all of us are COOL with it that's why I used to it d?
Ok anyway it's not the serious kind of joke furthermore no one ever say it's TRUE! Joke is a joke doesn't mean we mean it and it's true only we joke about it.
What's the point of a JOKE if it's reality? Gosh!
damn I dont even know what m I crapping about d ya-leh-ya-leh.
But anyway at least I apologized ok?! Hey respond abit la! U're online and I apologized right at you d can't u at least respond? ma de~!
Fine what-so-ever la Don't care anymore!
I'm who I'm! Accept me who I'm if u're still a fren or go for another option.
Screw it.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

''Steal Bone''

Hmm..ok I'm suppose to be writing my Finance essay Assignment =S
It's harder than What I expect it to be T.T but anyway... let's post something 1st! ;D
Last night went out with a couple of friends have a great chit chat session. It do really open me up to what this world is, things aren't that pure and simple as it is. Things can be decieving. Surprisingly, there's alot things just isn't what we always think it is. Just the way of life I guess?

It's interesting to hear out the thoughts of people in their very own way. Yeap it's true that there's no definite definition of a person is GOOD/BAD. It purely base on your own thoughts of what's good what's bad and we never know how 1 person can be until we truly understand that person's character. It's funny how this world actually works. But yea nothing can be done actually haha....

Anyway, this couple of friends they are really very good person. Feel so guilty hanging out with them. They are just so damn good and KIND gosh! Hanging out with them bringing out the BEST of me! The me who I used to be before 1 incident happens..... How many more this kind of good friends I can find? God knows... awaiting my journey ahead! ;)

Alright getting back to work..back to reality AGAIN...and awaiting holidays!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


F to the R to the I E N D S !
FRIENDS is made up of 7 different alphabets, just like rainbow with 7 different colours...just like it's implying we will be meeting up with VERY different RANGE of people in our life.

I have been here for approximately 7months and I met alot of people...friends who moved on..friends who meant to be kept...friends who are there for you...friends who just for fun.. friends who yadah yadah yadah etc etc etc
Somehow I found myself actually consider lucky that I have the chance to meet such a huge amount of friends with different background and mindsets. From Primary school, I from class behind moving forward...thus knowing quite a number of friends! Not being offensive, somehow I do feel that friends I had from the classes behind fits me in more than people from the first class! Academic wise might not be able to compare but they were friendly and more 讲义气!! LOLX
Then my secondary schoolmates! I have 2 secondary schools, Awesome right?! :D It's 2 very different school. Chung Hua my life of Form 1-3. I have friends who are really academically good and friends who taught me Sports. Friends from this school are the one that actually bring me into the world of sports! I learnt more about bkb and volleyball here and also get the chance to play 拔河 (damn love this!) This bunch here taught me how to live my life! Enjoy my life! Although majority of them we have no longer contacting each other.. Oh well, I always will remember this old good memories! ;)

(aaah!!! I typed finish d why left this only!!! T.T sorry la people I really damn lazy to re-type d =.=)

All in all, I met friends who are truly great and helpful and inspired me to be a better person =)

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Confession : haha I not sure what's that 2 words in english are so.. yea :D
Well, finally I rmb to check out my Part A essay Assignment result today. It's 52/90!
Sucks sucks sucks sucks result to the MAX!!! I can't believe myself getting this type of shitty result like seriously! (Currently just in the mood of doing anything) Somehow I felt that I should have just stay back in Msia and study my Architecture Degree there. At least in Taylor's they call it Bachelor of Sc. (Hons) which is WAAAAY better than some stupid name call Bachelor of Environments!
WTF!! and now I'm getting this type of sucky result just making me feel even more guilty! I shouldn't have been fighting so strong minded of coming here at the 1st place. Why Msia dont regoconize any degree in Private Uni back in Msia?! Why Diploma in Taylors don't continue? I might have experienced much much more than in here!

I know I always have this feeling when I face some 挫折 which is SERIOUSLY damn bad! But I just couldn't help myself! =( Yes I know no one born perfect! Yes I know u gotta work hard to gain it! Yes I know all the life theories yada yada but yea I'm still like this!
I tried to be good but I seem to be falling down/at the same place! Not to say boosting but I used to have a way better result, way better personalities, way better working attitude, way better what-ever it is than who I am now sitting infront this laptop here! I seriously wish I could find back who I used to be. The hardworking, clever girl who used to be what I admire right now.
Or is it KARMA?
*Fingers cross* please please please! I just want myself to be hardworking to earn my good result back! I don't want to spent the money like that is like 败家子!! I don't wnat the money to be spent for no purpose. NO! is I don't want it to be spent on SUCKS RESULT!
I want my result to stand out! To be proud of it!

Here I am writting this hoping things would have a change...

Smth random, 初恋这件小事(dunno how many times have I typed this on this night) It's a very nice Thai movie. The girls have very strong friendship btw!

To my frens back in Msia... I really miss all of you so damn frigging much! Maybe I really shud have just stayed back...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Not Suppose To

Smth not suppose to happen just happened.
Smile? Sad? No idea =/ It's quite shocking tho!!! O_O
This week been a real challenging one I suppose. Things I never experience, I never know it would, all just happened this week.
Hard to explain's things, not suppose to be told's things what else?
My life just full of SURPRISES I guess =)

Suppose to be a good thing? Hope so.

Looking forward for a better days. Tho things never go as smooth as I wish to as ALWAYS! But all I can do is to CHANGE it.
1 day I will reach there.

lol abit out topic. but that's what all in my mind now. and to boost this page too after so long!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


To be exact, 1.5days left.. and here I am packing my stuff once again..
Somehow not just packing stuff but packing up the feelings too.
Feelings of wanna have more FUN here,
feelings of letting go certain things,
feelings of apart from some friends who will only be meeting back after dunno how many years (esp Jolynn & Yi Ling!),
feelings of back to class and study, feelings of forgive and forget,
feelings of uncertain.....

Aiyooo why is leaving things behind so HARD?! Why is leaving being so not easy for me anymore? I'm suppose to be 潇洒!! =D haha

Awww there's still alot things on my "Must-To-Do-List" aren't complete! BBQ still pending T.T
Follow by Ampang Look Out Point and Broga and some outings with certain friends =(
I still owe an OT session with some of you =S

Peeps hold on some really GREAT AWESOME moment for 5months yo!!! Be back real soon!

p/s: really hate packing up!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rewind . Playback

Time really is a hard-working, non-obedient fella. Non-stop ticking wishes it to stop it never will listen, wishes it to fast forward never will do so too. Yea it's almost time (about 4days+ more) and I will need to fly back to Melbourne start the hectic life all over again & face the reality.

It's funny when sometimes I wish I won't need to go back there that's because most of my precious friends all over here yet I really miss the FREEDOM I have over there. Anyway...... I have been hanging out with my Kwang Hua's and Taylor's friends. I miss all of you so badly!

As usual, this whole day been stoning at home and don't know why I just look back all the past photos in my photo albums. From teacher's day, graduation, trips, orientation, new year, random outings, SS15, this month latest photos. Memories flashing back and forth in the mind whether it's good or the bad ones. Things I wish to delete, things I hope it happens again etc.... but the chances is next to zero. There are things I know it won't ever happen, been telling myself to give it up but sometimes the heart speaks louder than mind and words. It's torturing yet is a beautiful nightmare. Weirdo me right? =) I always know the answer for it just. . . Hey, I'm a mere human lar~!

Dunno why just suddenly flash-ed back all the stupid,funny, annoying things happen back then. Stupid jokes, illegal stuff we did, gossips, awkward moments, enjoyable pasts, argues, triumph, stuff, craziness and of course a lot a lot more. All these are unable to just being described through these typical wordings here. Some would say that enjoy before once is better than none but I'm a greedy person. I wish I can have it forever happening non-stop.[They are 1 of my precious =)]
Yea we had this name cos all of our surnames are the same! except our 5th member who wasn't with us that time =( if not it would be the perfect CORANGES! =D we had a great awesome playful time in Cotton On @ Bukit Tinggi =) Guess meeting u guys in another half year d.... Viewed back our previous photos rmb how crazy we were back then =) Really miss it!
Had insane moments with my others Taylor's pals! Best example is the Red Box so AWESOME!!!!

Sadly there's this 1 fren still unable to meet up GOH SOO KIT! Damn u lo always din come out! DNXDD Hahaha =p
Yea so now I left like 3 days to go out. Today suppose to hang out but my mum just not allowing me to go =( Hopefully Thursday and Friday I can hang out with some of you but yea I know the chances of it happening is VERY small. Still deep inside me, I hope it would happen, hope Jog for Hope not the last time I meeting ya'o. Ampang Look Out Point, Murni all we haven't go peeps!!

I wanna go out so badly! =')

Friday, July 15, 2011

放手 。 执著





[not a good one :s just randomly feels like blog in Chinese where these 2 words came in my mind; feel free to critic =) ]

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When Loneliness Hits

There are times when we are being left out...
There are times when you don't seem to fit in....
There are times when you're being ignored...
There are times when people forgotten about your existence...
There are times when people find you annoying...
There are times when things just don't seem right happens to you...
There are times when loneliness hits...
There are times when you found there's no one to help you...
There are times when you find friends who isn't ur friends...
There are time... ... ... ... etc etc & etc

Yea, there are surely times when you are feeling helpless and there's no one u can get to hold you up. But still it's part of life. Thus, sometimes born people who LOA and getting the attention. People who will then go towards depression and bla bla bla......

Nothing is perfect in life. Impossible not feeling lonely sometimes. Things never gone as you wanted but doesn't mean you are unlucky. Just you are experiencing something different from others. On the other hand, there are surely friends who can you call up and nag to when you are feeling lonely. There are friends who meant to be kept for life, friends who come and go, friends who find you when needed, friends who forget you when time pass.... Different people are all around us. It's just depends on how you treat the "LONELINESS" only.

There are times you need to hang out with people you can't fit in well for a certain period of time but yea no choice you gotta hold it on still. Feeling depress and stay away doesn't gonna help. So just be who you are and live the life. It's the best thing all of us can do. and yea I know talk is easy but still we gotta try it right? ;) Never know what it might turn out to be. People out there might be hating us so much but still smiling at us well who cares?! Life is urs no one get to control it!!!

*cheers* (inspiration from a fren)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Colour Has Spoken

9th July 2011...somehow like a "life changing" day.
Not just Malaysia, but Singapore, Melbourne, Bangkok and many other Malaysians in different countries have showed their support on the Clean & Fair Election Rally. The massiveness of the sea of YELLOW has show response and determination of the Malaysians. Question, is this a chaos? NO! As stated it's a peaceful demostration but just couldn't get permission. Why? Isn't everyone long for Fair & Square? Would you just any of you wanted to be treated unfair? No right? If so what's wrong with showing out what people think it suppose to be? It's just like an awareness to the public to everyone to know the importance of being FAIR.
"If you have done nothing wrong, there's no need to fear about it isn't it?"

1 demo, dozens of road blocks, road closures, close down of the capital.. . . . are these really relevant? Furthermore there are people who blaming this rally that bring down their business, causing a heck of jam, postponed their trips etc.etc.etc... You should really reconsider what you blaming at then! There's a link I saw on Facebook showing 1 70+ years old grandma being totally soaked in wet and exhausted look in the end of the day due to the water cannon and other forces. What have she done to deserve this type of treatment? For like surely a 70+ years old grandma won't have the strength enough to fight a fully geared cop I suppose. There's another link I saw rather interesting too. The foreign news reporter questioning why is demo being totally restricted in a democratic country?! What a good question!

Conclusion, don't we have freedom on showing what we want? Isn't that's human's right? Besides it's come in peace(V) yo.

p/s: this post does not mean to shoot any party. Sorry if it's offensive.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back To Where I Am

Yeap that's right! I'm backed to this Hot, lots of Mosquitoes Malaysia =)!
Ironically, I wasn't that looking forward of coming back here until I'm actually landed! I wanted to play over there as yea I'm still a freshie I wanna explore as much as I can but who knows I get all pump-ed up ever since I'm backed here to where I used to be..where I belong to.
25th June 2011, landed at LCCT so basically it's the 2nd week I'm here.

Pathetically, I planned lots of things but seems like can't fight fate isn't it? Sometimes things just doesn't go well as I wanted it to be. Redang the place I wanted to go so desperately ever since dunno how small kid I am back then. I planned it before my finals and during my finals enthusiastically hoping this would work out. Haiz.. who knows? It seems like it not gonna happen.
"Well moral of the story's uncertain, no matter how welly the plan is there's always will have something that make it even more interesting. That's life."

Been 2 weeks and I am fully a 100% stone in the house. A bird long for freedom who being caged. Haha just able to went out hang out a few times. Hmm..1 movie,1 red box, 1 dinner, 1 mamak tmr, 1 slack hang out the next day, and the uncertain ones are KL,Redang, next movie, Cheras. . . . . How great If i could just hang out everyday with friends I have been wishing to meet them for so long! And there's this fren Jolynn I wanted to hang out as much as I can before she flying to Canada =( I'm so sorry for turning down so many times T.T Wish u understand ='( I miss time hanging out with u so much!!!! How great if I can make it to the poolside party and the Mist event haizzz...
Back at Melbourne, I'm free to go out any time any where just 1 problem, all the places are off EARLY!! Where the hell can I hang out at?!! Back here is such a big contradiction! Double layer of cage keeping me from banging outside =S How great if the freedom as in Melbourne apply in here too! haha =D
"That's why this is LIFE! Life never go as what we wish it would be, never is what we wanted it to be. LIFE is about how we turn from what we DISLIKE to what we LIKE"

Yea I know that theory but still I can't stop hating the fact that I'm not allow to go out here n there. Just doesn't like it no reason just that. I'm bad I know =)
Because of plans I tend to miss out this n that haha but yea No Tears No Gain ma have to accept it right?

Let's talk about the BRIGHT side! =D Yesh! it's about outings!!!!
I have been craving for karaoke!! OMG Finally not long after I'm backed get to go Red Box with a bunch of great and awesome friends! Shout, sing, dance and shout again for 4 hours + Wow super SONG ar!! Peeps when can we do it once again?! U guys are great! Then another friday the showing of Transformers 3!! Wootz bought 13 tickets on9 and watch it at Pavillion for the very 1st time! It's awesomeness!! Not just the movie but the cinema and also the people I went out with. It would even great if the spoiler not sitting next right to me! *u know who u are!* pff! Then is the leaving of Kuan Liang to Melbourne. Got out eating with other S6 frens. Btw awesome place to eat!! The pork ribs is super damn frigging AWESOME!! I don't mind to spend and eat there b4 I gone back to melbourne! And the so call 'dog food'? It's simply just awesome!! It's a total heaven!!! Hope that we manage to go Ampang Look Out Point, BBQ, Movies again people. I will be so missing all of you. Chung Hua frens our timing why all so boh ngam?!! T.T I wanted to meet u all so badly!!!!!!

I been imagine everything would be so GREAT even before I reach Malaysia but yea reality always kill it off haha. Part of Life ma~!

No idea what to continue. Will write again when Feels like doing so =) *cheers*

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Whole New Life

It's been awhile of not blogging...Just that now suddenly feels to blog back so yea here I'm again :D

It's approximately 3 months and 8 days I left Msia..I living in Melbourne right here typing this right now at this hour. Melbourne had given me a whole new perspective in my life. I learned, learn and still learning, I fell, I work and I still learning and learn again.

This year is a brand new challenge to me. I taking subjects I never encounter before. I even challenge myself to take Accounting which is what I basically presume I hate the most! Haha life is also full of surprises and unexpectation.人算不如天算... But yea I still hate accounting! Issh I don't get it yet so bored! =(( Whilst, designing widen my horizon. There's so many many many people with such creative minds! Some of their design and idea are just superb! How can I work on that?! =( Oh & I learned that Designing is all about CRAP! All you needa learn is know how to crap then u have no problem in presenting ur ideas. Hmmm I shall work harder on that =/ Besides yourself, there's no one else to help. You gotta approach yourself to get the answer if not it never will come.

Besides studies, in the life, I learned how to sustain how to survive how to trust n don't trust how to........ etc etc etc. I learned to give to get, I learned how to silent and speak. Learned to live in this place with whole new bunch of friends without my close besties. Learned to adapt and know that meeting new people here and get along and get close and stay connected isn't as easy as ABD 123. I also know that different friends give different impact on your life. There are people who can hang out with, there are people who can study with, friends who motivate & demotivate you of course there are people who give u lemon in ur life. But well so far still none I guess =) There are ppl who is so bhb! =X but there's nothing I can do to change them too =(

After I'm here, I learned how to control (although sometimes still uncontrollable =p) I learn not to spend alot but yea spend at appropriate time. Oh and I actually learned how to cope studies and work at the same time. I got a part time job here in order to earn money and now I know that working isn't that easy although it's nice that when you think you can earn money! But that frigging boss until now haven't clear all my payment!! Damn pissed!! !@$@#%@$!@$$%#%$@!#!#$@#$%#@$!

Sometimes somehow, I feel that I'm not who I used to be anymore. Is it upgraded or downgraded? I have no idea no one can judge that too I guess. I found that I prefer to listen more than talk now and there's a lot of things I discovered which I just couldn't recall now. Oh I can actually sleep 3 hours per day only or at least 1 hour only and stay up the whole damn day and go for 2 lectures! I learned not to be afraid even tho I might be. Weakness to be covered so that no one would use it against you.
Sometimes I miss my friends back in Msia more than missing other things. Basically I don't miss much things too which I don't know why either o.0 Sometimes here just like another KL in another world in another time zone. Maybe the cultural effect still isn't that strong afterall? Or is it the adaptation? Hmmmmm........

I learned new things, adapting, ignoring and many more which I don't think I get to know if I were back then. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I chosen another path? Just like the poem " The Road Not Taken". We never know what will it be in the end if another road is chosen. That's life. Suspense is what it's all about.

p/s: I not sure how to put into nice words so bear with it lar =D
Alright time to get back to study! ;) Adios

Thursday, March 24, 2011


That's a very inspiring video worth watching after all =)

F.E.A.R a word most of us FEAR of yet most of us APPLY it as well. Why arrrrh?? I dunno too Because I'm one of the FEAR erm applicants? Lol not sure the term to use larr~

But I do know that FEARS bring you no where. It's stated in the movie 3 Idiots too =) Nice movie and is a MUST watch!!!!! Very inspiring~ =D

Although we always know that FEAR ain't good. It ain't gonna bring us success but yet we just couldn't control ourselves and fell FEAR right?! Let's think back.....
when we a kid we do things without knowing the consequences.... we do things without the FEAR of getting scold by parents...we do this and that just to ENJOY & ACHIEVE what we looking for!
We go for what we AIMED to achieve. Just like what is said in the video, as we grew older, we grow more & more FEAR! Fear of failure, fear of fell etc.etc.etc.... We get pressure from every corner and thus our FEAR grow stronger and stronger day by day. Pressure from peer, pressure from public, pressure from family and so on. We wanted to prove ourselves are GOOD so badly until we are FEAR to try on every single thing, every single chance in our life! We are fear of moving forward, fear of what's infront of us might be another "road-block" again!

But seriously WHY SHOULD WE FEAR when we know that it will only Bring Us DOWN!?
We suppose to move on! FEAR is just going to stop us from being who we TRULY is deep inside us =) We aren't born to be FEAR from everything if so Thomas Edison would had stop experimenting and who knows till now we still living in DARKNESS! There won't be buildings,cities,handphones,internet etc etc etc......Edison failed so many times still he continues! Why? Because he knows all the failing just another beginning. Hard work pays off 1 day =)

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall."~ Confucius

So why do u afraid of falling what is ur FEAR afterall?!
Overcome it and you will eventually get stronger and better.
The chances are out there just waiting for the right person at the right moment to grab it =)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SHARK wanna-Be =)

This is so far my FAVOURITE quote from our Designing Envs Lecture =)
& I'm a SHARK wanna-be!!!!! =D
and I will make sure I can be it ;)
Sharks die when they stop swimming. Designers lost track of their inspiration when stop designing. So yea that's why. Such a nice connection between Sharks and Designers isn't it?
Besides Sharks ain't just Designers. They are BOSS!! :D
Under the sea, yea SHARKS ain't the biggest compare to Whale but they kinda Dominate! They are fierce they are strong they are Fear-less!!
& yea the pathway towards to be a Sharks ain't easy either.
Thus gotta work harder and Play Hard too!!
"There's always time to study just how HARDWORKING are you"
*cheers* and everyone can achieve the dream we been wanting for

p/s: I wanted to swim with real sharks too since I was small =)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Melbourne's Life so Far~

Hey!! It had been so long since I blog back on again =)
Cos it's really darn boring here at night now so I guess I will just gonna blog smth about my Life this few days over at Melbourne =)

Okie...os today it's the 4th day since my arrival to Melbourne City! :D Guess what the 4 of us in this apartment are watching "Night At The Museum!" Lolx... Can imagine how bored we are can't you? XD Alright I would love to talk about today 1st (19th Feb 2011) It's a very weird and tiring day. Weird? The weather here!! It's HOT SUNNY SUN up on the sky but yet the WIND is like super duper damn FRIGGIN' STRONG!!! The kind of strong until like you can't move forward that kind!! Never encounter smth like this b4~ Great new Experience! =D
Well then... we went to IKEA for some shopping for our furnitures those kind of stuff and it's darn heavy for the whole journey back to our Place..SWANSTON ST. and some walking again -.- In Melbourne it's all about walking walking walking and Walking! Lolx I don't think that's what most of us will do back in Malaysia =/ Hahahaha
Oh!! Today we ate damn many BREADS too! We are addicted to it!! The eggs..the breads and the CHEESE!!!! Yuuuuuuuummmmmmmmy!!!! How can U ever resist it right?!

Now let me rewind the time to Yesterday~~~! Damn YTD is the day I MOST DULAN!!!!! Friggin Uni system dunno what's wrong says I CANT ENROL INTO MY ACCOUNT!!!! Walao eh!!!!!!! need to wait until Monday 10am Farnee~ isnt it!!!

Okie that's it for now I wanan play GAME d!!!
Ciaoz~!! =)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time Pass... Memories?

No doubt that we can't STOP the time or REWIND the time isn't it =/
Then what about our Memories??
Some says Memories FADES....some says Memories STAY forever..

But we are just mere humans isn't it? Yea Memories did stay but it tends to FADE too as time passes by~ But humans have this subconscious mind level(I think that's what ppl says?)=/. We did actually have part of the memories but we just hardly recall it back. Just like you seem to know it but yet you don't know it either. Weird feelings right? Btw it's FRUSTRATING too!!! You know you knew it but then you just friggin' unable to RECALL it!!!

Besides, why must Friends come and go?? It's just so sad that people all around are just moving away =( As time pass by, some friends tend to stay back with you but some will just go away. Even when met both side unable to regconise each other or maybe just an EASY "Hi".. Why must it always be this way? Hmmmmm I really want to know! I hope the time would stop. I hope that friends will just still always be there no matter how long the time pass... I hope memories never fade....I hope I hope & I hope. Too bad people and time moves on. Life always still just Part of the LIFE Haiz~

So yea~ Cheerish your moment now with all the friends beside you =)
Cheerish every single minute and second you got.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Fate or Coincidence?

Yea I'm gonna ask U!
So what do you think? Do you think whatever happened to you is fated or just pure coincidence? When you met someone it's fated or coincidence? Just like chinese there's a word 缘分又或是巧合呢?还是机缘巧合??When you wanted to go a place but ended up in that fated too? or it just another coincidence?

Well, I dunno what do you think about it. But, for me it's like some unable to solve MYSTERY to me =/ Yea..why? cos I bet till now no one still able to justify all this things are fated to happen in this pattern or just some coincidence? As the Earth turn no one meant to be in bad luck nor good luck always isn't it? But there are people who felt they are fated to be unlucky their whole life.. is this true? Well it really is just PURELY 100% Depends on ur point of view.

Sometimes I think things happened in some sort of patterns. Hahaha believe it or not, I love it when I see the time is 1123 it's my bday n so as my somehow favourite numbers too. I do think they would bring something good to me but before the good things happen to me I will have some problems normally. Lolx okie I know it do sounds so ridiculous. It's just solely my point of view though.

What actually inspired me to post this? Cos of the medical checkup today..the doctor told me "Hey, the girl just walked out just now also pursuing Architecture in Uni of Melbourne too!" I was like "Woah, seriously?" Then I had this feeling that MAYBE I'm fated to go this route because ever since I make up my mind I always seeing people who going for Architecture too. But when think back maybe it's just coincidence and maybe just Maybe Architecture is somehow getting famous in this world now? =)

Ooooh another thing that makes me wanan post this is because of my birth-date I guees =D
1123 I dunno I like 1,11,2,3, or 23? =/ Cos I love it I adore it when all of them together!! XDD Besides that, don't you see the connection? 11 and 23 they are CONNECTED!! Don't see it? Let me broaden your view! 23 in International time it's actually 11pm isn't it? SEE?!! Another 11 !!!! Hmmm I'm so proud of my Birth-date! XDD Feels so connected to this number 23!! Hey and I always get caught up with this number 23 too!! Hahahahaa Another FATE or another COINCIDENCE leh?? Who knows? You tell me lo :)

GREATZ!!! Going out now!!! Ciaoz~
Do figure out and tell me what's YOUR view ; )

Monday, January 10, 2011


This is rather a RUSH & Small & Sudden outing!
Yea tho Sean & CM asked for few days I guess but I only decided exactly on that day! =p It's after 12am only decided to go and asked my mum for permission kekekekeke...
Unexpectedly quite easy this time though still apply the same Rules & Regulations (Give contact numbers lo) =/ But nevermind la not the first time also ma~

Okie! Great things starts NOW!
1st sorry to Sean... again....... for being the Driver again =D Hmm departed from Klang at 7.30am like that. Ooowh and 1st time saw Sean's sister too! (But she say i very diam T.T what an impression) Reached Shah Alam but TRAFFIC JAM! Lolx thus Sean & CM are late for their work. We go till there.....CM & Sean gotta work so we wait lo. But toooo damn stonning so Tiong,Me, YinWei decided for a walk thr & forcefully dragged Lion & YewSam to walk too! =D
So...yea we started walking...walk up..down..left...right... NOTHING TO SEE!!! Damn it=.= so backed to skytrex and chat. Hahaha but CM & Sean feel bad for us~ asked the manager send us a van and brought us back down to rent bike to cycle then we cycle over another side of the hill. DAMN! Cycling was FUN!! Especially when going down! Woootz! It's like FLYING~!! Cool!!! =D Ooo & I nearly bang with the worker taring the road. Kena scold..Shit! Sorry btw~ But when up the hill is the tiring one! Super damn hard! Very impress with those Malakoof contestants how they cycle for so long & up down hills for such a Loooong distance!

Now come to thePeak event of the day---SKYTREX!!! =D Do admit at first was quite scary...they all saying 1st is climbing a 6-storeys high ladder up.. Wootz! from there it's scary but after that it's just getting more FUN! Especially Flying Fox!! Damn my All Time Favourites of all extreme Games!!!! After about 1 hour we completed the Big Thrill. What a relief that it is finally done! ^^
We all went to KFC for our lunch. Super Duper damn hungry~ Most of us din have a proper breakfast that day haha. All can't wait for the meal & it makes KFC extremely yummy to me that day =S Had some chit-chat time there and finally most of them tired and we headed beack home =D
Great Fun Day!!