Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Came across this very interesting article about TRAVEL.

Not just us..there are adults who always dream or maybe dreamED of travelling around the world...well is AROUND the WORLD seem to be TOOOOO Big then maybe a couple of countries with a loong looooong break! However, how many of them actually did it? How many of them actually go out and TRAVEL! How many of them really at least leave back their work, their what-so-ever concerns behind for 1 month and just TRAVEL?!

Well I can see that it's quite a small amount of people who actually did that =/ It's sad isn't it? The article raise a good point! When we are given the chances we will think of excuses to let the chances by-pass us. 'Alright u should go for 1 month of vacation!'...'Yeah but...' But...' Yeah but yeah but...There's always so many Yeah But! But this but that...... when is it going to end? There won't be an END basically.

Travel provides experience. It might the experience where you only gonna have it once and it will only gonna be the one and ONLY. Why waste your youth waiting and waiting and WAITING for the so called RIGHT Time which never actually comes? Get Real! Pack up! Start moving yo! U thinking of u might lose the chance of getting a GREAT JOB while travelling and regret. Then why won't you regret u missed the chance of travel? The experience u might miss.. The cultures the things u will see and so on.....

Yes! So travel! Travel while you can.. travel while it's all exist! It's never too late to kick-start it! No more 'Yeah-but yeah-but!' It's killing your dream mate! Let's start TRAVEL Now!!! =D

inspired by this article:'s a good one to read on =)

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