Monday, January 16, 2012

He's Just Not That Into You

Well quite a while d this movie but just watched it this morning. At first thought it would be another Valentine's Day movie but it turned out to be other than my expectation. I couldn't say this is the best romance-comedy movie but well it's not bad actually. Reflecting the reality in this world. (p/s: for some unknow reason I like this poster :D )

This story started with how girls always comfort each other when 1 side i fallen apart. They always telling the fake truth, telling what they really want to listen instead of the truth. The 'NOT' word seems to be the Forbidden word. Back in reality, most girls did that too I bet! Sometimes the truth is hard to be said and the consequences are hard to bear it either. There this girl in the movie, Marry (Drew Barrymore) she portray a young lady with desperation of getting into a relationship. She met the guy and hoping for his call day after day...However he did not! Her girlfriends all around her giving her fake hope and making her believing it. It's nice that friends care for each other but truth sometimes is important! Just saying. Mary has always fallen for a guy that never gonna calls her back, never gonna commit. And met Alex (Justin Long) who helped her out all the times even when he's with another girl! Shooo sweet! However he did not know that he has fallen for Mary and all the cliche thingy goes on. (use ur imagination)

This movie showed different stories from different girls. Mary is the one that desperately wanting a relationship but always failed. But from here, her friend who rushed into a marriage earlier had ended with a divorce. Anyway for all the singles I do think that there's no need to rush into a relationship. If you're destinied to be in a relationship then you will eventually; if not then it's just the way it is. Treasure your friends around you! I always believe that friends are the most awesome thing ever happen to me. Different group of friends with different thoughts and be at different places whenever you need them at different scenarios! While for the friends that in relationship...take things slow! Don't get into the consequences of breaking up! In 2011, I have seen lots of my friends gotten into a relationship! That's a great thing! :D However they are some that got into the stage of breaking up =(

Well, just a random post about this movie and some thoughts.
Welcome to share your thoughts here whoever that watched it =D


Friday, January 6, 2012

Once Upon Creativity...

CNY coming soon again and it's cleaning up time again. The time of my life I hated the most! =.= I hate packing stuff up there's just too damn MANY stuffs to be cleaned up and with my lazy ass won't move away from the chair..infront my my Tetris! =D

Anyhow am forced to clean it up and oopps discovered my art craft last time. Remember back them I love to colour all the plasters of Paris during my school breaks. It's the most awesome time of my life indeed because I loving all the colours and loving the end product of it. Looking at it, I wonder why last time I have the idea to think what colour to colour that area and what contour should I use and all the next coming up shit... And now I think I have just lost it. If you ask me to colour one now, I might only go straight to the specific colour and won't think about the gradient at all!

All the colourful past had gone with time...thinking this life getting dull and dull =.= God damn it! This cannot be happening! I love life with COLOURS! Gotta back up my creativity again d! I dont want to live my life as an architect without the enjoyment! It's gonna be so so so sad man! ;(
Oh and btw, read 1 article about the top most unemployed graduates field...Guess what's the top? it's ARCHITECTURE! GOSH Making me think that I should go for Engineering once again! =(

Just a short updates, that's it for now...back to TETRIS! :D

Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's 2012!

Oh well, I know it's kinda late for a reflection for 2011... Being kinda lazy =/ Tetris, Movies, FB, Twitter...etc etc etc everyday. Pretty much lifeless isn't it? Trying to overcome the boringness and get myself to do things or learn things..just that isn't motivated! *guilty* where should I start? Perhaps from the day I got an offer into University of Melbourne?

Hmm well, it might be a life changing decision to go oversea. As those who know me, I got a pair of VERY STRICT Parents who most of the time dont let me go out till late night or going out too often. A part of me when decided to go overseas is to escape from this cage honestly. Besides of course I wanted to gain experience of studying overseas and gain exposures. But Melbourne never was my 1st choice even now! UK,US and Europe are the places I wanted to go SO so so so badly! Luckily this year met a couple of girlfriends who loves Europe just like I do! We came to an agreement to back-pack there by the end of our graduation! :D Better hope this is gonna happen! Travel for 1 month or plus that will be freaking AWESOME! Money is needed then so gotta get a job. *motivated* and PRAY hard for this day to come! ><

I have to say that the locals are pretty hard to mix with so most of us are basically Msians! So, met a few frens who are really DIFFERENT. When I said Different they really are! Not physically or dressing or their mindset! Their thinking! These people really truly amaze me alot and I learned alot from them. Some of their thoughts do really kept me thinking and motivated me! Met new friends but as I'm overseas getting lesser contacts with those back in Msia. It's kinda sad tho. Tried to plan outings yet always not everyone able to make it and ended up in despair. Yea, people do say that never give up, don't give up..but I fed up for the on-going rejections. Decided not to plan anymore. Only plan outings with those who I really close with. =) From here I did learn a lesson too ya know?! It's ''if it's yours then it's yours; the chance will come if there's a chance, if not then just too bad'' =]

Oh 1 of the major satisfactions in 2011 is.........wait for it...............ROLLER COASTER RIDES!!!!! Wooooohoooooo! Truthfully, I have this weird trauma with Roller Coaster ever since I'm a child =.= The only ride I ever took in my life before that is flying dragon and the super old and super easy pessy roller coaster in Genting!!! Yea I know right? That roller I took twice only and it scares the shit out of me -.- But wow who might know I will change in Gold Coast! Feels like my guts just grow! *proud* Took all those rides all the 1st time in my life! The 360 degree turning, the Superman ride which is frigginglish tall and major drop down! *likeaboss* The only thing I cant still not overcoming is the solero shot! It's too MAJOR for me =.= waaay waaaay waaaaay too major! Oh and on the last day of rides I did try and open my eyes! :D Smth I will never do no matter how hard you force me to but I did it! :D

The next thing I know....packing up all my stuffs for moving out next year and yea backed in Msia! Yeap that's right, next year will be moving out of my current place. At first was suppose to stay with my roommate but some changes occur so as to the decision =/. She's a pretty nice roommate, the 2nd roommate in my life after Soo Kit the crazy one :D So yeap next year will be staying with my coursemate! New roomies! :D Presenting you Alicia and Yenn Yinn!!! Looking forward for it. Hope things going to be just GREAT and Fine.

This is quite a exposure year to me. I am actually living my dream of being an Architect! Sooner and sooner it's gonna get tougher! I'm sure I will overcome it! ;) Although sometimes I really thinking what would it be if ENGINEERING is what I choosed? There's this tiny part deep inside me is really wanting to pursue as an Engineer >< Earlier this year was dilemma-ing should I change my course over to Engineering tho I didn't at last..I wonder why I didn't change as well =/

Hmmm..what else to talk about ar? Couldn't really think about it =/ Oh and I did learnt that I am totally not Accounting material yet Financing was not bad =) Ermmm and some conflicts perhaps? Some inner psychological conflicts which I did realised some times ago. I would rather people open up and be truthful instead of being just meanie being quiet pffft* Then quarrel with parents? Durrh a thing that not-to-be-miss all the years LOLX! Freedom stuff again as usual.

Suddenly, the next thing I know... it's 2012 d! The things I did on the NY Eve? Touched down in KLIA from China...cleaned up the house in order to gain the permission of going out....went out with siao po Mei up the others in Pyramid...met 2 new friends at the same time....ran the staircase from 1st floor to CP7 to catch up with the fireworks...yeap pretty much of it. And the 1st thing in 1 Jan 2012? Wong Kok! Trolled?! Yeap and with the BIG GIANT MILK TEA as the beginning of our 2012. And yea the next big thing we talked about? WE ARE ALL 20's d!! GOSH! Time really do move REAL REAL REAL FAST! *Fly like a G6* Suddenly we are all gone through 2 decades of life! We just can't believe it! Besides that I don't feel the 'ADULT' in me yet..just isn't the oh-so-adult yet =/ Gotta start think and act maturely d. *That'sRight*

New Year's wish? Still the same... GRANT ME FREEDOM! Dad! Mom!! *shouting desperately* I really want to live my life experiencing every moment in different place especially going interstate or countries with friends! It's gonna be different and learning something new along the road. Why don't you guys see it as I see?! *geramnya* Hmm new resolution? Dont really have any in my mind yet.. pretty much :
1) Get seriously good result.
2) Hope able to cope a part time job with study (earn money ar!)
3) Get slim lo
4) Travel to more places while I can!
5) Getting know new people
6) Bonding with same old frens
7) Lower my temper, learn to be patient...

Pretty much the same every year... n always fail in the slimming part esp 2011. Gained like super alot of weight Thank Goodness!

Conclusion, 2011 to me is a BAD BAD Year. Worse than any previous years like seriously! What went wrong? I wasn't sure about it either. There are just things that unexplainable! ;( However, I'm looking foward for 2012. (As in now la 2012) I do believe that I will be doing Great this year =D *being optimistic* Oh well most of the time when I imagine and think of what I wanted I will always get the opposite but then people says you must keep on believing in it! =.= What can I do? Optimistic it is! =]

Alright that's all for a quick reflection. It's kinda late but still, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 Peeps! Enjoy your life to the fullest as always! 1 last thing, The world isn't going to end 2012! It will only ends with PERFECTION, JOYS AND LAUGHTER =)


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Came across this very interesting article about TRAVEL.

Not just us..there are adults who always dream or maybe dreamED of travelling around the world...well is AROUND the WORLD seem to be TOOOOO Big then maybe a couple of countries with a loong looooong break! However, how many of them actually did it? How many of them actually go out and TRAVEL! How many of them really at least leave back their work, their what-so-ever concerns behind for 1 month and just TRAVEL?!

Well I can see that it's quite a small amount of people who actually did that =/ It's sad isn't it? The article raise a good point! When we are given the chances we will think of excuses to let the chances by-pass us. 'Alright u should go for 1 month of vacation!'...'Yeah but...' But...' Yeah but yeah but...There's always so many Yeah But! But this but that...... when is it going to end? There won't be an END basically.

Travel provides experience. It might the experience where you only gonna have it once and it will only gonna be the one and ONLY. Why waste your youth waiting and waiting and WAITING for the so called RIGHT Time which never actually comes? Get Real! Pack up! Start moving yo! U thinking of u might lose the chance of getting a GREAT JOB while travelling and regret. Then why won't you regret u missed the chance of travel? The experience u might miss.. The cultures the things u will see and so on.....

Yes! So travel! Travel while you can.. travel while it's all exist! It's never too late to kick-start it! No more 'Yeah-but yeah-but!' It's killing your dream mate! Let's start TRAVEL Now!!! =D

inspired by this article:'s a good one to read on =)

Friday, October 28, 2011


OMG finally it's ended!
Ended with a parade just like model cat walk which I found it's VERY awesome!!!! =D
Another best part of it is I got nominated by my tutor! :D For one of the best worked model. Thanks alot Sonya! Yea although I din manage to win the award just now.. =( but It's nice that get nominated! And get to have some photoshoot and videoshoot by some professional photographer which is VERY COOL!! A very nice great experience which hardly be achieve.

Though at first suppose to be at some open space where public can just see us but due to rain we changed to an underground studio =( So Sad!!! But still overall is a very nice chance to experience being a Model for our own Models! There's alot amazing art work!! And this fren from the same tute his model kept getting the attention of the photographer! Even the photographer also confessed to him! We frens at side were like WOW!! That's cool....thus he do deserve the award *Envy envy*

Anyway, it marks the end of sem 2, the end of first year Uni life, the end of all the software torture, staying up whole night WOAH~!! N today suppose to do work here I am online!! =( Today failed to not on FB urgh!! will do so tmr!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sad & Happy events in 1 DAY

Smth I almost forgot..yes my 1st ever saman in my life with my fren right here at this place! =.= Cos tram tix wasn't validated...almost forgotten & POOF the saman is here today. HOW GREAT! Gonna try writing letter to them which my frens they said it might work. Oh well jsut give it a try la~

Next.........the HAPPIEST Email I ever see!! ''Ur tutor had dominated u as producing one of the good models........We want u to reach earlier to have photograph of the models and videography..' OMG!!!!! I'M so so so so so so so HAPPY!!!!!! Well just domination... hopefully hopefully hopefully mine is good enough to receive the award like what my fren did in the last sem. I will be so damn friggin' HAPPY!!!!! Please please please please!! >.< I really want to score this subject so damn badly! Am currently doing the Module 4 presentation..URGH so hard to compile everything in! Wish I'm no cramping too much and screw it up. I will be so effing HATE myself to the max by then! ;( Next good thing happened today is MUAHAHAHA another email which I could earn money!! Yesh the incentive pay survey!!! 75minutes survey n u get ur paid! Finally I'm chosen!! Last sem applied 2 surveys they never get back to me...NOW Finally!!!! Gosh damna happy! I wish I at the beach so i can shout but indeed I ended up had a 2 hours nap..WASTE MY TIME! =(

alright BACK TO WORK!!! Argh!!!! Gotta make this work out!!! Gotta score! Gota finish it TODAY!! This is the only subject which I have HIGH HOPE onto it!! Dont let me down =)

Saturday, October 22, 2011


First class honors! CONGRATULATION!
4 years of degree life finished with receiving a cert on stage, getting blessings, wearing a robe and the BIG Square hat, with photographs and MEMORIES. Congratulation to my cousin with this success! Hardwork pays off!

Yeap a long 2 hours convocation and yeap it was boring....but the main thing is seeing them graduated makes u think it's gonna be my turn soon. My friends telling me ur turn coming soon 3 years just a blink of eyes. Here I am in the final sem of 1st year! It feels like I just had my first lecture, first tutorial, first orientation YESTERDAY! And now I am entering the final week of the sem and gonna have finals examination in 2 weeks time. GOSH Time flies in Australia!!!

My cousin had set a really HIGH BAR! Dunno how many times of hard work should I work on to beat the bar =/ But damn it not in the mood of studying and here I am talking to myself O_O eeeek!! How would the life after convocation be? No idea.... I dont even know am I looking forward for it or not...some part of me wanted to go back to Form5 - college's life where I had my best years of my life!!

kk..gotta turn on study mood!
just a very random post at this hour =D