Saturday, February 19, 2011

Melbourne's Life so Far~

Hey!! It had been so long since I blog back on again =)
Cos it's really darn boring here at night now so I guess I will just gonna blog smth about my Life this few days over at Melbourne =)

Okie...os today it's the 4th day since my arrival to Melbourne City! :D Guess what the 4 of us in this apartment are watching "Night At The Museum!" Lolx... Can imagine how bored we are can't you? XD Alright I would love to talk about today 1st (19th Feb 2011) It's a very weird and tiring day. Weird? The weather here!! It's HOT SUNNY SUN up on the sky but yet the WIND is like super duper damn FRIGGIN' STRONG!!! The kind of strong until like you can't move forward that kind!! Never encounter smth like this b4~ Great new Experience! =D
Well then... we went to IKEA for some shopping for our furnitures those kind of stuff and it's darn heavy for the whole journey back to our Place..SWANSTON ST. and some walking again -.- In Melbourne it's all about walking walking walking and Walking! Lolx I don't think that's what most of us will do back in Malaysia =/ Hahahaha
Oh!! Today we ate damn many BREADS too! We are addicted to it!! The eggs..the breads and the CHEESE!!!! Yuuuuuuuummmmmmmmy!!!! How can U ever resist it right?!

Now let me rewind the time to Yesterday~~~! Damn YTD is the day I MOST DULAN!!!!! Friggin Uni system dunno what's wrong says I CANT ENROL INTO MY ACCOUNT!!!! Walao eh!!!!!!! need to wait until Monday 10am Farnee~ isnt it!!!

Okie that's it for now I wanan play GAME d!!!
Ciaoz~!! =)