Friday, October 28, 2011


OMG finally it's ended!
Ended with a parade just like model cat walk which I found it's VERY awesome!!!! =D
Another best part of it is I got nominated by my tutor! :D For one of the best worked model. Thanks alot Sonya! Yea although I din manage to win the award just now.. =( but It's nice that get nominated! And get to have some photoshoot and videoshoot by some professional photographer which is VERY COOL!! A very nice great experience which hardly be achieve.

Though at first suppose to be at some open space where public can just see us but due to rain we changed to an underground studio =( So Sad!!! But still overall is a very nice chance to experience being a Model for our own Models! There's alot amazing art work!! And this fren from the same tute his model kept getting the attention of the photographer! Even the photographer also confessed to him! We frens at side were like WOW!! That's cool....thus he do deserve the award *Envy envy*

Anyway, it marks the end of sem 2, the end of first year Uni life, the end of all the software torture, staying up whole night WOAH~!! N today suppose to do work here I am online!! =( Today failed to not on FB urgh!! will do so tmr!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sad & Happy events in 1 DAY

Smth I almost forgot..yes my 1st ever saman in my life with my fren right here at this place! =.= Cos tram tix wasn't validated...almost forgotten & POOF the saman is here today. HOW GREAT! Gonna try writing letter to them which my frens they said it might work. Oh well jsut give it a try la~

Next.........the HAPPIEST Email I ever see!! ''Ur tutor had dominated u as producing one of the good models........We want u to reach earlier to have photograph of the models and videography..' OMG!!!!! I'M so so so so so so so HAPPY!!!!!! Well just domination... hopefully hopefully hopefully mine is good enough to receive the award like what my fren did in the last sem. I will be so damn friggin' HAPPY!!!!! Please please please please!! >.< I really want to score this subject so damn badly! Am currently doing the Module 4 presentation..URGH so hard to compile everything in! Wish I'm no cramping too much and screw it up. I will be so effing HATE myself to the max by then! ;( Next good thing happened today is MUAHAHAHA another email which I could earn money!! Yesh the incentive pay survey!!! 75minutes survey n u get ur paid! Finally I'm chosen!! Last sem applied 2 surveys they never get back to me...NOW Finally!!!! Gosh damna happy! I wish I at the beach so i can shout but indeed I ended up had a 2 hours nap..WASTE MY TIME! =(

alright BACK TO WORK!!! Argh!!!! Gotta make this work out!!! Gotta score! Gota finish it TODAY!! This is the only subject which I have HIGH HOPE onto it!! Dont let me down =)

Saturday, October 22, 2011


First class honors! CONGRATULATION!
4 years of degree life finished with receiving a cert on stage, getting blessings, wearing a robe and the BIG Square hat, with photographs and MEMORIES. Congratulation to my cousin with this success! Hardwork pays off!

Yeap a long 2 hours convocation and yeap it was boring....but the main thing is seeing them graduated makes u think it's gonna be my turn soon. My friends telling me ur turn coming soon 3 years just a blink of eyes. Here I am in the final sem of 1st year! It feels like I just had my first lecture, first tutorial, first orientation YESTERDAY! And now I am entering the final week of the sem and gonna have finals examination in 2 weeks time. GOSH Time flies in Australia!!!

My cousin had set a really HIGH BAR! Dunno how many times of hard work should I work on to beat the bar =/ But damn it not in the mood of studying and here I am talking to myself O_O eeeek!! How would the life after convocation be? No idea.... I dont even know am I looking forward for it or not...some part of me wanted to go back to Form5 - college's life where I had my best years of my life!!

kk..gotta turn on study mood!
just a very random post at this hour =D

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Woohoo!! My cousin sister suddenly just flew all the way here!! For a convocation =D
Been so so so so long since I last seen her! Gonna meet her up soon which is Thursday evening!! ^^

2nd Surprise I got is from my brother! Damn he said he gonna blew all of us away in 1 year time! In what aspect? NO IDEA!!! ;( He is not telling! Not even a slightest clue!!
We needa wait till 15th Oct 2012 to reveal what's going on!! ;(
Seriously, if this is just a PRANK I'm so gonna kill this bro!!

btw today been a nice day..keep bumping into different friends! :D some have not been seeing for quite some time.. (weeks) It's a sunny sunny day here GREAT!

but it's cloudy now T.T Assignment....just a short post to kill the boringness

Saturday, October 15, 2011

No Title 2

Phew~! Finally it's settled!
But yeap deep inside me I know things ain't gonna be the same anymore...
It sure do need time to restore back to how it was I guess? =D
Maybe it's just me? I have no idea =/
I duwan to lose a friend just like that =(

Hope all goes well.... Aal Izz Well......

p/s: am so damn SLEEPY!! Jog or continue work? =[

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No Title 1

Great..this fren can't take joke.
Just take things all too seriously.....Or am I being too unconscious? However, this kind of funny joke always happen around my frens and all of us are COOL with it that's why I used to it d?
Ok anyway it's not the serious kind of joke furthermore no one ever say it's TRUE! Joke is a joke doesn't mean we mean it and it's true only we joke about it.
What's the point of a JOKE if it's reality? Gosh!
damn I dont even know what m I crapping about d ya-leh-ya-leh.
But anyway at least I apologized ok?! Hey respond abit la! U're online and I apologized right at you d can't u at least respond? ma de~!
Fine what-so-ever la Don't care anymore!
I'm who I'm! Accept me who I'm if u're still a fren or go for another option.
Screw it.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

''Steal Bone''

Hmm..ok I'm suppose to be writing my Finance essay Assignment =S
It's harder than What I expect it to be T.T but anyway... let's post something 1st! ;D
Last night went out with a couple of friends have a great chit chat session. It do really open me up to what this world is, things aren't that pure and simple as it is. Things can be decieving. Surprisingly, there's alot things just isn't what we always think it is. Just the way of life I guess?

It's interesting to hear out the thoughts of people in their very own way. Yeap it's true that there's no definite definition of a person is GOOD/BAD. It purely base on your own thoughts of what's good what's bad and we never know how 1 person can be until we truly understand that person's character. It's funny how this world actually works. But yea nothing can be done actually haha....

Anyway, this couple of friends they are really very good person. Feel so guilty hanging out with them. They are just so damn good and KIND gosh! Hanging out with them bringing out the BEST of me! The me who I used to be before 1 incident happens..... How many more this kind of good friends I can find? God knows... awaiting my journey ahead! ;)

Alright getting back to work..back to reality AGAIN...and awaiting holidays!