Friday, October 28, 2011


OMG finally it's ended!
Ended with a parade just like model cat walk which I found it's VERY awesome!!!! =D
Another best part of it is I got nominated by my tutor! :D For one of the best worked model. Thanks alot Sonya! Yea although I din manage to win the award just now.. =( but It's nice that get nominated! And get to have some photoshoot and videoshoot by some professional photographer which is VERY COOL!! A very nice great experience which hardly be achieve.

Though at first suppose to be at some open space where public can just see us but due to rain we changed to an underground studio =( So Sad!!! But still overall is a very nice chance to experience being a Model for our own Models! There's alot amazing art work!! And this fren from the same tute his model kept getting the attention of the photographer! Even the photographer also confessed to him! We frens at side were like WOW!! That's cool....thus he do deserve the award *Envy envy*

Anyway, it marks the end of sem 2, the end of first year Uni life, the end of all the software torture, staying up whole night WOAH~!! N today suppose to do work here I am online!! =( Today failed to not on FB urgh!! will do so tmr!

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