Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time Pass... Memories?

No doubt that we can't STOP the time or REWIND the time isn't it =/
Then what about our Memories??
Some says Memories FADES....some says Memories STAY forever..

But we are just mere humans isn't it? Yea Memories did stay but it tends to FADE too as time passes by~ But humans have this subconscious mind level(I think that's what ppl says?)=/. We did actually have part of the memories but we just hardly recall it back. Just like you seem to know it but yet you don't know it either. Weird feelings right? Btw it's FRUSTRATING too!!! You know you knew it but then you just friggin' unable to RECALL it!!!

Besides, why must Friends come and go?? It's just so sad that people all around are just moving away =( As time pass by, some friends tend to stay back with you but some will just go away. Even when met both side unable to regconise each other or maybe just an EASY "Hi".. Why must it always be this way? Hmmmmm I really want to know! I hope the time would stop. I hope that friends will just still always be there no matter how long the time pass... I hope memories never fade....I hope I hope & I hope. Too bad people and time moves on. Life always still just Part of the LIFE Haiz~

So yea~ Cheerish your moment now with all the friends beside you =)
Cheerish every single minute and second you got.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Fate or Coincidence?

Yea I'm gonna ask U!
So what do you think? Do you think whatever happened to you is fated or just pure coincidence? When you met someone it's fated or coincidence? Just like chinese there's a word 缘分又或是巧合呢?还是机缘巧合??When you wanted to go a place but ended up in that fated too? or it just another coincidence?

Well, I dunno what do you think about it. But, for me it's like some unable to solve MYSTERY to me =/ Yea..why? cos I bet till now no one still able to justify all this things are fated to happen in this pattern or just some coincidence? As the Earth turn no one meant to be in bad luck nor good luck always isn't it? But there are people who felt they are fated to be unlucky their whole life.. is this true? Well it really is just PURELY 100% Depends on ur point of view.

Sometimes I think things happened in some sort of patterns. Hahaha believe it or not, I love it when I see the time is 1123 it's my bday n so as my somehow favourite numbers too. I do think they would bring something good to me but before the good things happen to me I will have some problems normally. Lolx okie I know it do sounds so ridiculous. It's just solely my point of view though.

What actually inspired me to post this? Cos of the medical checkup today..the doctor told me "Hey, the girl just walked out just now also pursuing Architecture in Uni of Melbourne too!" I was like "Woah, seriously?" Then I had this feeling that MAYBE I'm fated to go this route because ever since I make up my mind I always seeing people who going for Architecture too. But when think back maybe it's just coincidence and maybe just Maybe Architecture is somehow getting famous in this world now? =)

Ooooh another thing that makes me wanan post this is because of my birth-date I guees =D
1123 I dunno I like 1,11,2,3, or 23? =/ Cos I love it I adore it when all of them together!! XDD Besides that, don't you see the connection? 11 and 23 they are CONNECTED!! Don't see it? Let me broaden your view! 23 in International time it's actually 11pm isn't it? SEE?!! Another 11 !!!! Hmmm I'm so proud of my Birth-date! XDD Feels so connected to this number 23!! Hey and I always get caught up with this number 23 too!! Hahahahaa Another FATE or another COINCIDENCE leh?? Who knows? You tell me lo :)

GREATZ!!! Going out now!!! Ciaoz~
Do figure out and tell me what's YOUR view ; )

Monday, January 10, 2011


This is rather a RUSH & Small & Sudden outing!
Yea tho Sean & CM asked for few days I guess but I only decided exactly on that day! =p It's after 12am only decided to go and asked my mum for permission kekekekeke...
Unexpectedly quite easy this time though still apply the same Rules & Regulations (Give contact numbers lo) =/ But nevermind la not the first time also ma~

Okie! Great things starts NOW!
1st sorry to Sean... again....... for being the Driver again =D Hmm departed from Klang at 7.30am like that. Ooowh and 1st time saw Sean's sister too! (But she say i very diam T.T what an impression) Reached Shah Alam but TRAFFIC JAM! Lolx thus Sean & CM are late for their work. We go till there.....CM & Sean gotta work so we wait lo. But toooo damn stonning so Tiong,Me, YinWei decided for a walk thr & forcefully dragged Lion & YewSam to walk too! =D
So...yea we started walking...walk up..down..left...right... NOTHING TO SEE!!! Damn it=.= so backed to skytrex and chat. Hahaha but CM & Sean feel bad for us~ asked the manager send us a van and brought us back down to rent bike to cycle then we cycle over another side of the hill. DAMN! Cycling was FUN!! Especially when going down! Woootz! It's like FLYING~!! Cool!!! =D Ooo & I nearly bang with the worker taring the road. Kena scold..Shit! Sorry btw~ But when up the hill is the tiring one! Super damn hard! Very impress with those Malakoof contestants how they cycle for so long & up down hills for such a Loooong distance!

Now come to thePeak event of the day---SKYTREX!!! =D Do admit at first was quite scary...they all saying 1st is climbing a 6-storeys high ladder up.. Wootz! from there it's scary but after that it's just getting more FUN! Especially Flying Fox!! Damn my All Time Favourites of all extreme Games!!!! After about 1 hour we completed the Big Thrill. What a relief that it is finally done! ^^
We all went to KFC for our lunch. Super Duper damn hungry~ Most of us din have a proper breakfast that day haha. All can't wait for the meal & it makes KFC extremely yummy to me that day =S Had some chit-chat time there and finally most of them tired and we headed beack home =D
Great Fun Day!!