Sunday, March 28, 2010

Outings During Earth Hour

Went to Sunway Pyramid for Earth Hour~
Have Dinner @ Full House^^
1st time went thr to eat..& the food was
Love that Mushroom soup`Tasty~

(The Salmon Sandwhich)
(Greentea Ice Blende)Nice!!!!
(The Chicken Chop!) Nice!!!
(B4 the Lights off~)
(When the Lights off~)

(SOUVENIER I got thr)

Friday, March 26, 2010


The Earth is crying for help..
The light emitted had causes the rise in temperature of the Earth...
which secretly leads to GLOBAL WARMING!!
..It's isn't hard to play ur part as a resident in the Earth..

All you have to do is participate in this event!
It won't HARM you in any manner...
All u need to do is switch off all ur lights in ur house..
That's sound VERY EASY isn't it?
Just 1 move it may helps the Earth to Chill~
During the 1 hour time u can enjoy the view of darkness for once
You can as well have a Romantic dinner with ur love ones...
You can TALK 2 the moon too if u wish to?
You can as well participate in some events organised in conjunction with Earth Hour
27th of March
8.30pm - 9.30pm
OFF the Lights,
SAVE the Earth

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quarter to 5

YESH!!!! It's a quarter to 5am!!
XD I broker my record again....last time was 4am & now is 5am!!!
hahahahahahaha....n yet I am still so energetic...
All thanks to ESL Draft =.= but still havent done T.T
What to do???? cant stay up whole night don't sleep ma..
So now wanna go sleep lo haha
I am toooooo lame n boring so came here to BLOG & BRAG about this b4 I go for sleep LOLX!
Yawn~ Nitez everyone^^


XDD I had a nice dream last nite....
I dreamt that I went to Sunway Lagoon with a bunch of Friends^^
Then we went to play the slide n compete who slide the fastest down.......
the FUNNY part is..I don't know why we didn't use the stairs to climb up to the top of the slide instead,we use the slide to climb up... =.= It was so high...Guess that anything could just happen in a dream haha....
Then we slide down the watery slide.. at the time i reach the bottom of the pool...dunno wats wrong the pool suddenly turn small....
I was almost flew out of the pool b'cos of the momentum...Lolx
Hmm...not sure this funny anot la haha but so hope this dream is a De JaVu!!!
At least 10years I din go Lagoon le T.T
So hope to go with a bunch of frens!!! Surely damn nice^^
Awaiting this day...(p/s: except for the pool turning small part)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Guess wat???
I'm officially lost a scholarship which cost RM300....Maybe some may think this amount is small...but better than Nothing isn't it??
Know why i lost it?? cos i sort of 1A/A+...
Why i dont get 1 more
A??? Why A- consider useless while applying scholarships???
Why they don't consider
A- as an A????
A- have an "A" word too????
why??? Why???? WHY?????
Who can i blame?? ME!!!
Why didn't I get a better result???
Why din get at least
A for Moral??'s all TOO Late now....

Bye 2 the scholarship.....Bye RM300......

Sunday, March 21, 2010


[The SHOES!!!]

NIKE!!! So LOVE Nike!!!
Just bought this last night^^
Black& white 1 of my FAVOURITE Colour combi~

Nice right??

[Nike box^^]
!!!! NIKE!!!!!


Get inspire when consulting a fren...
要是时间能像Back 2 the Future这部电影版如此遥控想道德年份,那该多好。。。
但是,偏偏。。。时间却是如此地“我行我素”!! 要留也留不着~
早知道。。 早知道。。 早知道。。凡事都 早知道。。我不会在这了呵呵。。。
我,凡事都爱后悔!!有用吗??没用!! 但,还是无法自拔~~
So, moral of the story is.......Dont Regret when it is PAST!!! Grab every single chance u got & Use it!!! Time wont last long....the moment u swing ur hands,blink ur eyes..Seconds had passed~

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Boring ar!!
I have projects and homeworks but I dont feel like doing it..
Lepaking on9 here and thr... chatting..facebooking.
So HATE myself for being like this but then haiz~本性难移啊~~
I wanna blog smth but dun really know wat to blog and LAZY!! XD
Ok i know it's midnight now but i still wanna stay till LATE LATE only sleep haha..
Yeap thats me~ not late enuf wont sleep... =.=
Ok dunno wat 2 write le

Friday, March 19, 2010


(outside the Taylor's)
Life here started January....FUN yet BZ..Noisy and Balance rite...but 1 thing is not balance...the Number of girls and boys in the class,S8!
This is so terbalik with my previous F4 and F5 condition(S2). There are more more MORE girls than boys XD..
Well the S8 originally is quite QUIET(cos all dunno ma~)..Then more n more MERIAH liao...
I will just cut the life short...erm ok till CNY we had a LOU SANG in our class too^^
Oh ya, n that Marble Cheesecake from Secret Recipe damn NICE!!! Wont 4get it!^^

(every1 is so 'HUNGRY')
Hmm...wat else to talk about??? Lab Experience...??
Erm Lab ar just like this lo...abit diff with 2ndary skul de~
1st is got Air-Cond^^
Then the Bunsen burner is connected on the table liao wan..
Then need 2 wear lab coat and goggle~ Like that Lab Coat haha~

Then got the SAM FIESTA!!! A damn high nite~!
It surely is a nite to rmb^^
Argh lazy to write more.....Thats all for now...

((The Entrance Pass)

(Chees~ S8 Peeks)

Dilemma....All Over Again...

SAM??? A Levels???
Just minutes fren told me she went to a talk(smth like that) n the ppl said that A Levels is way better... But i dunno shud I be changing again after i had did SAM for 3 months....
I thought of changing it b4 yet I afraid I will be doing the wrong choice AGAIN..
For ur information,I always
REGRET after making a decision~ WHY??
Reason unknown!!! SO I really afraid that I did the wrong choice AGAIN & regreted the whole damn life!! Seriously wat SHUD I DO???

A Levels: World recognise... can go UK!!(1 of my DREAM country)...more Scholarship
no so many presentation-->wont so bz yet not expose to the experience
SAM : Aussie recognise...go~Aussie..UK HARDER~....Scholarship hardly saw it.....
Damn many presentation!! very BZ!! but gain experience of doing projects...(useful in Uni)



At last!! The long waiting hols is here!!
=.=Yet...theres only 1 week time.......n this 1 week time is gonna END so damn QUICK!
Tonnes of Projects awaiting & Look~wat m I doing here??? Blogging??!!! cant believe myself XDD
OK wat m I gonna do this 1 week time??

Saturday: Relax
Sunday: GO out play (if possible T.T)
Monday: Still wana RELAX...
Tuesday: Do show...Eat...Lepak...Sleep..
Wednesday: ESL Projects (DRAFT) Gonna be like Hell.....Relax...
Thusday: Chem Detailed Outline....Piano....Relax....
Friday: M'sian Studies Research....Relax...
Saturday: (ALL my planning above FAILED!!!) OH NO!!!!!! cham!!!!....still relax~
Sunday: gonna be a MAD MAN!! Rush till midnite =.=
Monday: College reopen T.T wuuuuuu~~~~~~

That's Life^^....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First & Ever^^

SIOK is here~ at her very first day to this strange place..
Wondering around to know why ppl love blogging??!!!
btw...THANKS!!! Tiffany! Thanks to her,i get to cre8 this blog~ Encountered some probs while gonna cre8 my acc =.=
sweat me ritE?? XD

ok So here I am! What's next??