Sunday, September 25, 2011


F to the R to the I E N D S !
FRIENDS is made up of 7 different alphabets, just like rainbow with 7 different colours...just like it's implying we will be meeting up with VERY different RANGE of people in our life.

I have been here for approximately 7months and I met alot of people...friends who moved on..friends who meant to be kept...friends who are there for you...friends who just for fun.. friends who yadah yadah yadah etc etc etc
Somehow I found myself actually consider lucky that I have the chance to meet such a huge amount of friends with different background and mindsets. From Primary school, I from class behind moving forward...thus knowing quite a number of friends! Not being offensive, somehow I do feel that friends I had from the classes behind fits me in more than people from the first class! Academic wise might not be able to compare but they were friendly and more 讲义气!! LOLX
Then my secondary schoolmates! I have 2 secondary schools, Awesome right?! :D It's 2 very different school. Chung Hua my life of Form 1-3. I have friends who are really academically good and friends who taught me Sports. Friends from this school are the one that actually bring me into the world of sports! I learnt more about bkb and volleyball here and also get the chance to play 拔河 (damn love this!) This bunch here taught me how to live my life! Enjoy my life! Although majority of them we have no longer contacting each other.. Oh well, I always will remember this old good memories! ;)

(aaah!!! I typed finish d why left this only!!! T.T sorry la people I really damn lazy to re-type d =.=)

All in all, I met friends who are truly great and helpful and inspired me to be a better person =)

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Confession : haha I not sure what's that 2 words in english are so.. yea :D
Well, finally I rmb to check out my Part A essay Assignment result today. It's 52/90!
Sucks sucks sucks sucks result to the MAX!!! I can't believe myself getting this type of shitty result like seriously! (Currently just in the mood of doing anything) Somehow I felt that I should have just stay back in Msia and study my Architecture Degree there. At least in Taylor's they call it Bachelor of Sc. (Hons) which is WAAAAY better than some stupid name call Bachelor of Environments!
WTF!! and now I'm getting this type of sucky result just making me feel even more guilty! I shouldn't have been fighting so strong minded of coming here at the 1st place. Why Msia dont regoconize any degree in Private Uni back in Msia?! Why Diploma in Taylors don't continue? I might have experienced much much more than in here!

I know I always have this feeling when I face some 挫折 which is SERIOUSLY damn bad! But I just couldn't help myself! =( Yes I know no one born perfect! Yes I know u gotta work hard to gain it! Yes I know all the life theories yada yada but yea I'm still like this!
I tried to be good but I seem to be falling down/at the same place! Not to say boosting but I used to have a way better result, way better personalities, way better working attitude, way better what-ever it is than who I am now sitting infront this laptop here! I seriously wish I could find back who I used to be. The hardworking, clever girl who used to be what I admire right now.
Or is it KARMA?
*Fingers cross* please please please! I just want myself to be hardworking to earn my good result back! I don't want to spent the money like that is like 败家子!! I don't wnat the money to be spent for no purpose. NO! is I don't want it to be spent on SUCKS RESULT!
I want my result to stand out! To be proud of it!

Here I am writting this hoping things would have a change...

Smth random, 初恋这件小事(dunno how many times have I typed this on this night) It's a very nice Thai movie. The girls have very strong friendship btw!

To my frens back in Msia... I really miss all of you so damn frigging much! Maybe I really shud have just stayed back...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Not Suppose To

Smth not suppose to happen just happened.
Smile? Sad? No idea =/ It's quite shocking tho!!! O_O
This week been a real challenging one I suppose. Things I never experience, I never know it would, all just happened this week.
Hard to explain's things, not suppose to be told's things what else?
My life just full of SURPRISES I guess =)

Suppose to be a good thing? Hope so.

Looking forward for a better days. Tho things never go as smooth as I wish to as ALWAYS! But all I can do is to CHANGE it.
1 day I will reach there.

lol abit out topic. but that's what all in my mind now. and to boost this page too after so long!