Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last Day of November

Should I say today or Yesterday d??
Anyway just glad that today wasnt spending my BORING time in the house anymore!! Thanks for the sudden outing! Went out with Ping,Sean,CM & Maxon for a movie.... At first wanted to watch Bruce Lee but we reached there 5smth d...kinda late so chg in plan~ We ended up watching a dog's tale Hachiko. (T.T All duwan to watch Rapunzel!! ) Haiz... sad case~ Many ppl says Rapunzel NICE lo!!! T.T.. Oh and again~ we went to Carl's Jr. & I had the same thing AGAIN~ haha although the burger not bad la =p

(The Poster)

Ok, about the Hachiko. It's a movie about a dog which is super loyalty to its host (starring Richard Gere). Hachi in japanese means EIGHT which symbolise GOOD Charm(smth like that la; just like chinese) Guess wat! Hachi everyday will accompany him go to train station and by 5pm it will be waiting outside the station to welcome him back! 1day, host suddenly dead but Hachi still waiting for him!

Little Hachi!! Cute!!!

He waited 9 years ><

Last part of my day?? Reached home let my mum diao 99!! DAMN it!!! But don't care la~ At least get to out from BORING for 1 half day =D

Monday, November 29, 2010

S8 Pawns Malacca ! ! !

18.11.2010 (Day1) :
Early morning 7am.....S8-ians gather outside Taylor's college =D Only a few frens couldn't join us. (MingHan,WoeiJing,Sean,Maxon) Well, U guys missed out the FUN!!!!!!!
Brief intro : Organiser : LiewKitShen
Drivers : YewSam, ChengMun, WeeHan
And so our road trip started^^. Kit & I followed YewSam's car Vios!
There! My carmates in Vios!

All the 3 cars

It just about 1.5 hours to reach our 1st destination (AFamosa Waterpark) All of us are so damn excited to get ourselves wet. But then since it's lunch time......we went to Tampin for a quick light lunch =D Then, we rushes back and prepared ourselves for the WATER!! 1st stop?! The wave! It was really FUN! Had a GREAT time thr! Then we moved on to the other slides. All of them are just so damn NICE! According to YinWei & Ping, this park is way more fun than Lagoon! Luckily we made the right decision! Oh and the best slide is the tallest thingy!!! It's soooooo damn Breath-taking!!!!! For me, It is even way better than Roller Coaster!!!!!!
This is so damn freaking cool!!! Go try it!

Another favourite of ours
We played this the MOST!

Then we had our Lunch/TeaTime thr

Food give (Not bad la)

Then we got into our VILLA!!! Wootz quite nice!! What we did to kill the time?? Chua Dai Di =.= haha..Oh & 1 somehow new card game intro by WyeHong. Some sort of predict how many times you can win the round. Got quite many of us addicted and excited =D Then it was almost 9 only we headed out to find dinner. At 1st , we went to the Cowboy town to tryout see if any? But all ended up damn exp!! So we went back to Tampin AGAIN~ & Guess wat?!?!!?! We ate KFC Lolx!! cos most of the shops were closed.

The Snack Plate
Then backed Villa, we continued some card games then most ppl were tired and headed back into their rooms for SWEET DREAMS moments. Left 3 dunno wat happen punya energetic kid (Wayne,CM & Me) sitting outside the living hall chat awhile and planning wat to do XDD

19.11.2010 (Day2) :
Before 12pm we all packed and ready to check out
Half an hour or more we reached Hallmark Hotel =D Since it's still not the time to check in so we decided to go and have Lunch and walk around the city 1st lo
Right beside the Hotel there's one super nice SATAY shop!! OMG I know I tried it b4 but still everytime it made me fall in love with the satays again & again !!!!!

Some camwhore moment =D

There the satays and the otak-otak!! =D

Then our "adventure" begins! Although I'm kinda Malacca ppl....but never really walk that far and long b4 =.= Oh! & went to the Baba & Nyonya house which I never enter b4! XDD
Well, not bad their decorations inside. They been really taking care of all the things there.Many antiques too. O.o

View of the Jonker Street

Camwhore session after the visit =D

Then we went to have a chill! =D We went to have Cendol/ABC to chill.

The Cendol =D Nice!

Then that's where we met my uncle,Calvin. =p Well emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm after that we went to "Newton" hawker center. It used to be a big hawker center with lots of food to eat but dunno why ended just a small part of it.

This xi ham okok la but sandy

View of the hawker centre

Then we went to Dataran Pahlawan Mall to buy HP7 midnight movie tickets to kill nite time boredom
And yea afterthat we headed back to our Hotel. Some walk some took taxi. Then we went to "Ban Lee Xiang" to eat SATAY CELUP!!! One of my Malacca Favourites!!!!!!

Is ur saliva dripping???

After meal

We did not manipulate this!!
It formed its own Yeng eh

XDDDD Tiong eating with a damn hilarious face!!!

I ate 20 sticks of that!! =D Darn FULL!!!! To digest it? We did some walking to Jonker Street. Alot of new "invented" food came out! Best is the TORNADO POTATO!!

Making Processsssssssss

Jeng jeng jeng!!!
Black pepper =D Shared by Ping,Calvin,CM,Me

The 4 of us are like FOOD Hunter thr.. Hunting for things to eat =D We only go back after we satisfied with what we had ^^ Then walked back and rest till 11smth we went out for our HP7!
(p/s: I almost felt asleep in there)

20.11.2010 (Day3) :
Breakfast was provided by the Hotel...but it's insufficient. So then, we went to eat Chicken Rice Ball. A famous n old stall at the end of the Jonker Street. Lined up for some times it's such a crowd there! But luckily we consider early....we need not waited too long to enter and have a seat!

The line

Inner shop waiting for food

The Chicken Rice Balls =D

& now I present you the PHOTO of the year!!

My little sister with his milk bottle
Look at him how happy he was!!

Oh whats for the AFTER MALACCA TRIP?? Port Dickson!!! Wayne got a damn RICH uncle having a villa over there! We were manage to go and have a look over there!! Thanks WAYNE!
The villa is seriously damn superb BIG! It had 7storeys but not continuously. Up the hill & down the hill. Damn damn big!! Activities? The boys had their happy moment in the pool while we 4 girls had some camwhore and card times =D

Splashing who is it? Not sure

Exactly 16 beds here! Too bad we did not overnight over there

Time flies....It's dinner time and means we have to ciaoz after that T.T

It's a mess but NICE seafood meal we had =D

Oh look! Sister & Lizard!!

Funny love face XD

Hmmmmm I guess thats all la. All in all, It's a NICE, GREAT FUN DAMN TRIP!
Esp the time in waterpark!!!!!!


Nike Gladiators

OMG see these??!!!!
Damn it's so cool!!!!!!!!
Anyone sees it around Msia please do tell =D

(P/S: This post it posted due to boringness)

Corroboree The Summer Garden

The last night?? No. I rather say it is another NIGHT to be remembered^^

15th of November 2010

This whole day is quite a busy one! The night before we were at Yin Li's house watching 3 Idiots! (Damn it's a super nice show!!) The aftermath is, we woke up late the nx morning =.= Kit and I and Yin Wei gotta head down to Cheras for hairdo and the makeup. RM70 for both I think it's quite reasonable^^ While Ping and Neek go down to Selayang (If I wasn't wrong)
  • 12pm smth : Kit,Yin,Me headed down to Cheras
  • 1pm : Reach Kit's house for lunch and polish our nails thr
  • 2pm : Go to the saloon for makeup & hairdo
  • ...............3 hours past..........................
  • 5.30pm : we rushing back to Subang! & OMG!! It rain so heavily!!!!!!!
  • 6.00+ pm : We reached and so some the other boys gather at our 15 house
  • 7.oo pm : We rushing down to Sunway Resort & Spa
  • 7.00+ pm: SHIT!! What A Jam!!!! Great!!!
  • 7.00+++ pm: Great still in the Jam @.@
  • 8.00pm : Finally!!! We reached the Hotel's parking lot and found a space very quickly!
And so......we missed out super lots of performances -,-

Photo of the heavy traffic jam!
Especially Mr Munin dancing Nobody!!!! Damn it!!!! Not long after that the dishes are out. Well the dishes are kinda okok la. Not too bad but we din manage to finish up all the things =.= The waiters are just so impatient to keep up all the things =.= What a waste haiz~ Then of course how can we missed out photo session??!?! Best thing is get to take pictures with 2 handsome guy =D gt 1 is never been noticed b4! We girls (Me,Kit,Ping,Yin,Jeng,Neek,YinLi) were very shocked when we 1st saw him XDDD cos we were suspecting he wasnt from taylors~ But yea he is a taylorian! Well, overall we just there to take as many photos as we can ^^ Oh then we ended up at mamak too until quite late! Nice!! Photos will be boosting below =D Prepare~

Somehow like a gift from Taylors to us~

Inner look of the ballroom~

Our 1st main dish..

Ping & Sean

Papa and us~

Well they thought they are Yip Man

Jeng,Kit,Ping,Yin,Me (From left to right)

S8 with Mr.Munin spotted? :p

Fried rice

WyeHong & Kit

Yin & Ping

YinLi & Me

Jeng,Me,Ping,Neek,Kit,YinLi,YinWei (Left to Right)

Yeap we get bored of inside the ballroom and there's so dark....Thus we all camwhore-ing outside the ballroom^^ With lecturers, leng-luis, leng-zais,frenssssssssss.... Lots of Pitchas were taken! Alot more coming up right below

S8 Big ass prince! Woops =p

Sister & I

Mr Munin =D

=.=lll (p/s: I dunno them~)

Our beloved Phy tcher :Mr.Ng

How was it?

We all Kwang Hwas ^^