Saturday, May 22, 2010

First & Ever!!!


Today last day of Sem 1 Exam!!! super Happppppppppppppi!!!!
wakaka then went to JOGOYA with bunch of frens^^
2 classes combined my S8 got 15 ppl n S6 have around 11+ ppl went too^^
First time down to KL with such big gang of frens...
First time go Jogoya as well....
First time eat so much!!!!!
First time so many cars went down thr!!!
First time go shopping i
n Sg. Wang with so many FRENS!!!!!
First time go KL after Exam!!!!
First time spent down a lo
t $$$$$ In 1 day!!!
First time buy lots of clothes in within HALF an HOUR!!!!!

Cool eh~ XDD
& gosh!!!!! There are so DAMN many FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!
All just so damn nice!! couldn't finish all of it!!!! T.T

Nevermind there are still chances XDDDD [p/s: CMT gia lo~]

some photos..........

After the LUNCH + Tea Time xD ^^

Yummy Grillllllllll!!!!!!!

super nice Coconut!

oyster T.T