Sunday, May 29, 2011

Whole New Life

It's been awhile of not blogging...Just that now suddenly feels to blog back so yea here I'm again :D

It's approximately 3 months and 8 days I left Msia..I living in Melbourne right here typing this right now at this hour. Melbourne had given me a whole new perspective in my life. I learned, learn and still learning, I fell, I work and I still learning and learn again.

This year is a brand new challenge to me. I taking subjects I never encounter before. I even challenge myself to take Accounting which is what I basically presume I hate the most! Haha life is also full of surprises and unexpectation.人算不如天算... But yea I still hate accounting! Issh I don't get it yet so bored! =(( Whilst, designing widen my horizon. There's so many many many people with such creative minds! Some of their design and idea are just superb! How can I work on that?! =( Oh & I learned that Designing is all about CRAP! All you needa learn is know how to crap then u have no problem in presenting ur ideas. Hmmm I shall work harder on that =/ Besides yourself, there's no one else to help. You gotta approach yourself to get the answer if not it never will come.

Besides studies, in the life, I learned how to sustain how to survive how to trust n don't trust how to........ etc etc etc. I learned to give to get, I learned how to silent and speak. Learned to live in this place with whole new bunch of friends without my close besties. Learned to adapt and know that meeting new people here and get along and get close and stay connected isn't as easy as ABD 123. I also know that different friends give different impact on your life. There are people who can hang out with, there are people who can study with, friends who motivate & demotivate you of course there are people who give u lemon in ur life. But well so far still none I guess =) There are ppl who is so bhb! =X but there's nothing I can do to change them too =(

After I'm here, I learned how to control (although sometimes still uncontrollable =p) I learn not to spend alot but yea spend at appropriate time. Oh and I actually learned how to cope studies and work at the same time. I got a part time job here in order to earn money and now I know that working isn't that easy although it's nice that when you think you can earn money! But that frigging boss until now haven't clear all my payment!! Damn pissed!! !@$@#%@$!@$$%#%$@!#!#$@#$%#@$!

Sometimes somehow, I feel that I'm not who I used to be anymore. Is it upgraded or downgraded? I have no idea no one can judge that too I guess. I found that I prefer to listen more than talk now and there's a lot of things I discovered which I just couldn't recall now. Oh I can actually sleep 3 hours per day only or at least 1 hour only and stay up the whole damn day and go for 2 lectures! I learned not to be afraid even tho I might be. Weakness to be covered so that no one would use it against you.
Sometimes I miss my friends back in Msia more than missing other things. Basically I don't miss much things too which I don't know why either o.0 Sometimes here just like another KL in another world in another time zone. Maybe the cultural effect still isn't that strong afterall? Or is it the adaptation? Hmmmmm........

I learned new things, adapting, ignoring and many more which I don't think I get to know if I were back then. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I chosen another path? Just like the poem " The Road Not Taken". We never know what will it be in the end if another road is chosen. That's life. Suspense is what it's all about.

p/s: I not sure how to put into nice words so bear with it lar =D
Alright time to get back to study! ;) Adios