Thursday, March 24, 2011


That's a very inspiring video worth watching after all =)

F.E.A.R a word most of us FEAR of yet most of us APPLY it as well. Why arrrrh?? I dunno too Because I'm one of the FEAR erm applicants? Lol not sure the term to use larr~

But I do know that FEARS bring you no where. It's stated in the movie 3 Idiots too =) Nice movie and is a MUST watch!!!!! Very inspiring~ =D

Although we always know that FEAR ain't good. It ain't gonna bring us success but yet we just couldn't control ourselves and fell FEAR right?! Let's think back.....
when we a kid we do things without knowing the consequences.... we do things without the FEAR of getting scold by parents...we do this and that just to ENJOY & ACHIEVE what we looking for!
We go for what we AIMED to achieve. Just like what is said in the video, as we grew older, we grow more & more FEAR! Fear of failure, fear of fell etc.etc.etc.... We get pressure from every corner and thus our FEAR grow stronger and stronger day by day. Pressure from peer, pressure from public, pressure from family and so on. We wanted to prove ourselves are GOOD so badly until we are FEAR to try on every single thing, every single chance in our life! We are fear of moving forward, fear of what's infront of us might be another "road-block" again!

But seriously WHY SHOULD WE FEAR when we know that it will only Bring Us DOWN!?
We suppose to move on! FEAR is just going to stop us from being who we TRULY is deep inside us =) We aren't born to be FEAR from everything if so Thomas Edison would had stop experimenting and who knows till now we still living in DARKNESS! There won't be buildings,cities,handphones,internet etc etc etc......Edison failed so many times still he continues! Why? Because he knows all the failing just another beginning. Hard work pays off 1 day =)

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall."~ Confucius

So why do u afraid of falling what is ur FEAR afterall?!
Overcome it and you will eventually get stronger and better.
The chances are out there just waiting for the right person at the right moment to grab it =)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SHARK wanna-Be =)

This is so far my FAVOURITE quote from our Designing Envs Lecture =)
& I'm a SHARK wanna-be!!!!! =D
and I will make sure I can be it ;)
Sharks die when they stop swimming. Designers lost track of their inspiration when stop designing. So yea that's why. Such a nice connection between Sharks and Designers isn't it?
Besides Sharks ain't just Designers. They are BOSS!! :D
Under the sea, yea SHARKS ain't the biggest compare to Whale but they kinda Dominate! They are fierce they are strong they are Fear-less!!
& yea the pathway towards to be a Sharks ain't easy either.
Thus gotta work harder and Play Hard too!!
"There's always time to study just how HARDWORKING are you"
*cheers* and everyone can achieve the dream we been wanting for

p/s: I wanted to swim with real sharks too since I was small =)