Friday, December 31, 2010

Ending of 2010 ; Beginning of 2011

It's the ENDING of the BEGINNING =S
It's kinda sad case for me cos I'm not prepared on giving up this WONDERFUL Year of 2010. This year I started my life with "SAM" programme. First. it kinda give me a feeling of it won't be a nice year since everyone gotta hang out together for 1 year,12months,365 days only! Well I'm 100% PROVEN WRONG!!!

This year, I met a bunch of S8 Pals^^ A bunch of CRAZY monkeys indeed. Not forgetting S6 pals too. They made up the ENJOYABLE life of my 2010!! Thanks to you guys! The BEST days are definitely the 3 months of Sept,Oct & Nov. The days where Kit,Ping,Neek,Ken,YP & I all stay under the same roof. We fight, we shout, we study, we play, we cook, we eat, we wash, we fashionista, we do all sorts of crazy stuff together. The most freedom life ever where I seriously I get to go back time & experience it once,twice or more AGAIN. There's once where next day is the Math D.I yet guess what?! We studied till too damn frigging BORED and we had this CRAZY idea. Change everyone's style the next day!! XDDD Kinda the BEST moment ever ^^ Ping & Neek lend me their clothes =p Kit wore Neek's Lace dress. Ping wore the very very florish skirt with the hair tie into 2 pony tails! XDD While Neek wore a top which looks like a pyjamas haha!! Now come the best part! Time for YP & Ken to change! At 1st we wanna let YP wear Kit's hoodie but couldn't really fit =/ So the brilliant girls *us* make him looks NERD!! OM*G Frigging damn funny look and suits u btw YP :p As for Ken, he always wear damn damn damn simply a jeans and a tee so we forced him to wear YP's style! Looks like some gangster ah tau ROLF!!

YinLi, Christine, Wayne,Chan Yew,Maxon, Vincent, Bryan are part of the SUBANG's life too =D Thanks to them lots of funny things we did & happened!
Yin Li : Her mum treat us some home-cook dishes. NICE!!! Hope to have it once again =') Provided us a place for movies too =D "Sex & The City 2" & "3 Idiots"!! We had mahjong moments there & ur keep OMGOMGOMGOMG moment during ur b'day. Nice Fun days with ya!!
Christine : My lovely Aunty Jane!!! Shout shout shout non-stop laughing too!! She & Kit are super good "laugh-ers" WTH she can laugh for more than 30minutes!!! U're the very 1st person I met that can laugh continuously for so LONG!!Oh & thanks for ur DSLR and ur Keropok Leko from Terengganu! "teehee" ur room too for Ping & I overnight there 1 night for fun haha +_- I miss hanging out with u!
Wayne : aka my AH GU!! =D Thanks alot for alot of things. When we doing our 1st "welcome to ss15 steamboat feast" u provided us some ingredients without charging us! Thanks for cooking the fried rice for us =) Thanks for providing a place fo baking. "hehe" Thanks for a place for us to hang out over at the pool! Thanks ur mum for cooking such a wonderful meal!!!
Chan Yew : Mostly is Thanks for being partial driver =D Introduced "bluff" this game to me too =p. & Being the Mastermind who brought us to McD until 3am to play cards over there tho it's Finals .*Not sure is that suppose to thank for* =S But still thanks for all the sohai-ness u brought along ^^
Maxon : Another driver :D Thanks for introducing food around & bringing around when we despo for car to travel around tho sometimes putting planes is part of u d~ Thanks for introducing Murni!! & SS2 Leng Chi Kang I still want wei T.T Thanks for providing the Spec Math past year answer too. Erm & sorry for 1 thing too =S
Vincent & Bryan : This 2 are normally over our SS15 house when that's the day for their GYM day. For what purpose? Left their stuff thr! Like a locker ho the house . But bcos of this we are all very Meriah! Noises Laughters all gathered around. Thanks =D

Seriously, I swear those 3 months are the BEST days in my life so far!! I definitely gonna miss those days with all of you spending,fooling,laughing all around places. Murni, Pelita, Jojo, SS2, KFC, Taipan etc..etc..etc.....

Time passed but Memories Stay Forever
Meet again pals.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another day of Shopping! =D

Muahahahaha again went to Sunway Pyramid to buck up my stock for CNY!! Shopping!!!!!!!
At first went to the new japanese concept restaurant for lunch with family. "MOF" is the short form if not mistaken. The main thing is Their DESSERT Nice!!! Very special btw~ :p Surely gonna 'bong chan' again!

Hehehe after that started my journey of SHOPPING!! 1st stop Maple. Well that's where my mum wanna buy her stuff so then 2nd stop F-Block =D 1 grey shorts caught my eyes & it's only RM19!!! There's only 3 fitting rooms =.= so waited for quite some time to finally try on my shorts. Alright it fits! Set take a new one pay money CIAOZ! After my mum done her buyings in Maple we went back to F-Block again cos I forgotten my belt! Issh! so go buy again & she saw her wanted formal wear and bought another set too. Win Win situation.^^ I actually find 1 set of Formal wear too!! But too bad too expensive, forget about it. Sad =')

Then went to Asian Avenue to start another haunting of my skirt!! Issh couldn't find that skirt I was looking for T.T In fact saw another almost same kind but NO TRYING! Walao RM39.90 somemore and I knot even try it?!! Abit Wan ba dan right?! & my mum dont let me buy the jeans mini skirt T.T n a pair of grey Jeans T.T.... But I'm not giving up on searching the skirt! Ohhh btw I bought a top Dark Blue Polka dots top.

Sad part starts now!!!! COTTON ON Heels!!!!!!!!! I have been despo craving for that Navy Strips High Heels for ages!!! Guess what? They are out of size!!! OMFG?!! 37 who the hell took it away from me!!!!!!!!!!! T.T SAD 99 ar!!! Now all I can hope is another 3 stores PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE still have the size till I go there!!! Please have 37 and 36 T.T I must get that pair!! I been despo and no one ever can grab it away!!! No other nicer heels got my attention yet >w< So......went back with the feeling of SUPER Emo! Issssssssssh!!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Day of X'mas

Not attending Church this morning..WHY?? I'm not a Christian la~
Woke up erm 10am I guess~ Went down for TV. Show: Step Up! Damn I frigging wanna watch this movie!!! But issssssssssssssh!!! Parents keep saying wanna go out have Brunch d T.T & Guess what where is it? Just a bak kut teh shop outside our house which we didn't go for ages. What pissed me off the most is the service is superb SLOW and at 1st the type of meat we ordered say got then NO after our looooooooooooooooooooong wait. WTH!!!!

Nx destination visited my dad factory aka office. My dad they build a new double-storey building as their New Office. Quite nice =D A Little bit if the European feel at the window and the design of the wall. Inner part after with lightings I bet it would look kinda classy. & I have to admit the tiles of the toilet also look damn NICE!! Gt abit purple btw!! Nicer than my house punya TOTALLY!! Bla bla bla visited awhile,looked around, stop by some time then 3rd destination : MY RELATIVES' APARTMENT.

Went there to visit my aunt who just had her operation done 1 or 2 days ago. Good to see her as well as cheerish as always =) & of course how can I ever skip swimming part when I went there?!! Went to the pool with my cousins for about 1hour + la. Then headed for Dinner~ with another uncle too hehe... He asked us to go to Kuchai Lama there a shop sells Fish Head MeeHon nice well yeap not bad! Too bad another Xmas without Fancy Turkey Dinner course..sob.... ='( Never ever had it ONCE before. I want a WHITE XMAS too with REAL SNOW falling down from the sky!! When will I ever have that experience?? Wait and see ba~ Want watch Little Fockers my dad dont want either~ Haiz what can I do? SO basically that's all for my Xmas. Tmr will be even bored I bet~


Friday, December 24, 2010

Confusion . . . Cleared??

This morning woke up super damn early (5.30am) to take KTM T.T (p/s:aft that time no more transport get me there) and reached Subang Jaya KTM Station.
Waited there for shuttle bus to get to Taylor's Lakeside Campus~ Thank goodness there's shuttle bus during Xmas Eve if not I would CMAO (Cry My Ass Off!!)

Hmm... so good? Since when I turned into such a good kid going to college so darn early to STUDY?!!!! Hell NO!!! Someone told me there's a beautiful Career Advisor and went to "look" for her to erm somehow clear my doubts about the career path I want =D Who knows when I asked the staffs are like BLURRED with the term "Career Advisor" luckily they did still assist me to a counsellor =) *Thanks*

If not mistaken my counsellor name "Pei Ling" [Seriously if I not seeing wrong name tag ><] She's a VERY VERY Nice person!!! I'm directed to do the Career Test AGAIN~180Quest who ask me not to rmb my results previously =S. Ohh and she directed my fren, CMT to sit infront and help her self with the cookies and drinks haha!! & Yea she did!! Lolx~ She had this idea the moment we entered. She even had herself a Milo there =.=
Okie back to my part.....1,2,3......23.....100.....180!! DONE!! Wootz!! Called her and she had me in a PRIVATE Glass room while she processing the results and printed it out =) Then she started her professions. My doubts are, ARCHITECTURE or ENGINEERING? From my results the top 3 are Enterprising(19),Artistic(18),Investigative(18). While social and dunno what which says I deal with objects are both 8,Conventional only 7. Thus, she advised me DEFINITELY NOT ACCOUNTINE & FINANCE!! Cos she will be seeing me on 9th floor of Taylor's XDDD Luckily it never on my list before Phew~

Carry on~ She said Im not the kind who like being RESTRICTED, Do not like FOLLOW Rules! Wooootz!! Totally BINGO!! While engineering I might be able to do it because of the element INVESTIGATIVE but then I might get bored cos of the Formulas~ Therefore, she suggest me Architecture or some Design streams =D Well then I ciaoz her really THANKS for her GUIDANCE!! And went back downstairs to enquire about the Course. Actually wana go look for the Architecture Dean or lecturers to get more info.. Who knows =.= Xmas EVE!! All on leave WOAH~! Fine lo next time ba~ T.T

Okie so ALL IN ALL, I kinda found what I want~ ARCHITECTURE!!! =D Yeap it's not a EASY path to take. Definitely gonna be BUSY with TONNES of assignments, need to MANAGE my time superly WELL DONE!!! OMG What a task and challenges now T.T But!! Since I had choosen this path~! I will make sure I did it WELL too!!

YOU CAN DO IT!! Yeay~!!!!! *Cheers*

Monday, December 20, 2010

Clean up my mum order to clear up my things T.T
I damn hate to do these clearing stuff thingy wan!! Isssssh!!!!!
But no choice but to do it la....
Clear clear n clear that made up half of my day~
Line sucks now too my Gossip Girl havent reach half T.T
& damn boring too!!!! My ex classmates all gone damn quiet one to chat to~
Same for both S8 & S2 =.= where are u guys?? T.T IM BORED!!!!
Okie basically I dunno what to post so like this la =D
Ciaoz peeps and HARLO dinner =p

Sunday, December 19, 2010





3 days life as Student Helpers

17th-19th of Dec 2010 are the days of Open Day at Taylor's Subang Jaya. Actually same to other campus too la. But I'm working there under SAM

Reason : Earn MONEY $$$$ la~!

But.....RM40 per day quite little T.T I need more to cash back on what I spent and MORE for my YES!!!!! Btw, my job scope for the first 2 days is DEFINITELY BORED TO DEATH!!! I was placed at Study Lounge where the parents will be expected to ask us about the programme we took and the experience but ended up~ It's more like a canteen and "Miss, where is the toilet? Ohh there's no toilet over here? " =.= It's a REAL boring job over there!! But the GOOD thing is.... know a number of friends over there =D From SAM to CAL to CPU ^^
Some might be only being fren for 1 day but it's not bad d =D
Glad to know u guys!!

& today the last day of Open Day!! Hoooooray!!! It's the PAY DAY!!!!! Btw, today got a diff place muahahahahahah!!! Get to manage about the talks. Finally I get to walk around, campus touring and finally talked to someone who not just asking for Where's the TOILET?! After the talks are over, we are being placed to MPH to help out. But actually, the crews in MPH are more than enough. Peng decided to go sleep so left me over there. But don't care la. Left few more hours to get the pay!! I just tahan lo. Even after the 5pm still have to bring a family for tour..aiyo~~!! And that junior he is like want things to be perfect. His mum even said his character is get things done before everything starts so wanna collect all the lab coat those stuff 1st to get prepared! I heard and was thinking OMG. Must BE Another PRO next year!! Blah blah blah.... finally the long wait! MY PAY!!!!!!!!!! Woooooooootz!!!!!
This means I got money d kekekekekekekkeke!!!!!
YES here I come!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

J to the P to the S !

16th Dec 2010 quite a memorable day =D
Day of release of SAM results...
Day of receiving out Official Graduating Certs!
Day of shopping with Jol & Peng~
Day of exploring KL with public tranports!! (KTM,Monorail & public Bus =D)

Hmmm... results is just OK~ Tho hope Phy can get an A T.T & Higher TER. But haiz what done is done~ It's not gonna change d. =') Who ask me did not study HARD CORE during the Finals~!!!!!

Secondly, the part 2 of the day is SHOPPING!!! C'mon It's YES now!! How can girls miss out this SUPERIAL IMPERIAL DUPERIAL Shopping Moment?!!! O_O
Durh~ Sunway been BORED for us after 1 whole year of being a Subang student thus we decided to go KL!!! Sg Wang & Pavilion =) Btw, not to boost about the 3 of us~ But we are IMBA!! 3 of us are actually unsure of which place to go to Monorail all those thingy but since Jol not gona drive we just hop in the KTM to KL Sentral to Monorail to Bukit Bintang!! *teehehe*

Hmmm, 1st we went to Pavilion for our Lunch! Wanted to tryout their Food Court there cos I heard it's nice for some time but...sob..sob.. it's crowded and SO we went to Pepper Lunch! (Another store which I'm despo for it for ages! *blink*)
See there's Peng waiting impatiently

OMG It's tasty and smell so nice too!!! After that we went to Cotton On and on they way we looking for GELATOMIO! We spent quite some time in Cotton On and bought a pair of sandals with 30bucks T.T & Muahahahaah!!! Gelatomio Time!!!!! Another thing I despo for :p The Gelatomio On The Rock! It's the kind where 2 flavours of ice cream are mixed together by flipping & the taste still so damn frigging nice and it's not melt! Seriously guys, gotta try this!! We had the combi of Irish Coffee & Cookies ; ) What's next? Forever 21 !!! We camwhored there *kekeke*
But no yield there =/

It looks tempting right?!!

Out HAT camwhore in Forever21 =)

After this, we walked back to Sg Wang to shop for some clothes which are defi way more cheaper!! Most of the clothes are RM25. I spent 50bucks to buy 2 pieces. 1 Cardigan and 1 polka dots dress ^^ But sad case.. there are more I wanted to buy!! But I'm out of cash T.T The mini skirt and the full set of blouse with pants which are RM25 too!!! Isssh~!! This the aftermath of over spending T.T Jol and Peng also bought smth! Jol bought a long black dress and a tote bag. Peng bought a tops which just same as mine earlier! and a pink flora dress with vest with just 20bucks!! Damn!!!

Hoho~! Guess what's next? Our "BIG" adventure!!! We 3 with no sense of where will we be heading towards just hop in to a public bus since that person say it will lead us to Menara Maybank where we can find my mum to send us back Subang hehe... I asked from Taxi driver to Policeman there :p *praise myself* & yea we got it thr safely without lost!! Muahahhahahahahahahahaha~!!!!!! Well then, my mum still have work to finish up she belanja-ed us Starbucks! =p For ages she did not buy me that T.T Choco Chips and Java Chips!! Who's up for it? =D

Jolynn with her Java
Some chatting about Universities in the car and then THE END !


Thursday, December 16, 2010


Tired to blog about today :p
Tmr have to wake up early for work somemore T.T
Will blog tmr MAYBE =D

---Nitez World-----

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's Out !

SAM result has finally out!
It indicates the start of NEW course life, END of SAM life once and for all......
Well my result is kinda below my expectation. It's just not what I want yet. *sob..* ='(
I wished I could have done better. & 1 lesson I learnt: Never ever play during FINALS !!!
I really hope I can get more A's. Wised higher result but Fact is a Fact. It's not going to change anyhow. *cheers*
What's my next step? I really still dunno what I want to study.....

: Live ur life to the fullest but NEVER ever forgotten the Reality :

Do,Did & Done

Great. another day of BORINGNESS~
So decided to DRAW =D
For quite some time I have not been drawing tho my drawing not nice but I love doodle. This could at least kill some time.There Ichigo..not so nice I know =S

At the mean time, I load my GOSSIP GIRL!! Gosh I m totally addicted to it. Season 2 now ON going!!! Can't stop myself from falling in it :pAren't they GORGEOUS??!!

Gossip Girl about NY upper east society life,where mainly Brooklyn and Manhattan. What happen when the poor one meets with the rich people. Secret behind their lives. How far can a person go just to achieve a goal or revenge on someone. Nice =) Totally addicted to this series!!! Watch it while u got time peeps!

Then...was forced to tidy my stuff T.T Damn I hate to tidy up my things once it's in MESS.
Mess things up is way way way more easier then tidy it. Don't u agree with me? *wicked smile*
So that's all. Ciaoz! Followers. Gonna ENJOY my GossipGirl and do chores T.T

Monday, December 13, 2010

2 more days...

Yea, I'm counting down.....
DON'T WORRY IT'S NOT SUICIDE!!! Although it's kinda "famous/trendy" now...
2 more days to what?
2 more days to 16th!!! Which means?


Good Luck SAM-ians, no matter what's the RESULT face the fact bravely!!
Positive thinking leads to Positive Moderations =D

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Smth.... WOW

What is it??!!!!!
Here is the story...
Just the night before,hmmm.....Midnight was chatting with my "wife" Cheau Wei =D she told me her fren told her today is the RESULT RELEASE DAY!! We 2 gone wild for a moment and realized it can't be true cos the SAM have not announce anything.....

This morning/afternoon, BOOM! 16th of DECEMBER THE official RESULT RELEASE DATE FOR 2010 SAM!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!
8am australia time, the result will be released on9!!!

So what's the BIG DEAL??!! Of course there's the BIG DEAL!!!! It means I have to really set my mind now and THINK! What I really want now which I haven't make up my mind T.T ARCHITECTURE or ENGINEERING?? If Engineering, which path should I take???
I always wanted a job which will made me do diff kind of things everyday and most importantly I will ENJOY & won't BORED out of my job~ Both seems can fulfill my wish & I dont want to give up Math for now but I not sure can I came out with solutions in engineering?? Or DO I HAVE CREATIVE mind???? ARGH!!!! Help~~!!!
I Need guidance now.... I'm VERY unsure and worried now T.T
It will be a day to remember.

Dreams or Nightmares?

Continuously this few nights having dreamssss. Dream after dream. All seems so real tho there are parts which not so logic still it seems REAL. =.=
Some dreams like kinda bad one and some I couldn't remember.
When little, some of those forgotten dreams tends to come real. Just a small part tho. & you will have the memory of seeing it somewhere feeling it's very familiar. Many people should have experienced before. Connected to some psychology thingy as I heard before..
As rmb, the scariest is dreamed of transformers,cartoon characters,monsters all came REAL walking around the neighbourhood and just bang in the house T.T

Hope tonight will be dreamless.... I want to enjoy my SLEEP!!!!!



So call family day. Hmm actually since ytd my dad been wanted to go Kuala Selangor for a seafood lunch. It had been 1 year since we been there. But ytd just tooooooo damn Hungry. Most of us woke up late kinda almost 12pm la~ so we decided to find some place near to cure our starve. Thus, the Kuala Selangor (KS) plan went on today.

Around 11am smth we departed to KS and go to the Seafood restaurant for our Brunch.
(p/s: is it too long din go or the standard dropped....the food really just soso except their crabs are good but the way of cooking just nothing much......disapointting
The "trip" continued with buying salted fish!!! =D my most most most favourite!! It had been awhile I have not eating those T.T Damn missing those taste sob...sob....
After that?? I been sleeping in the car throughout the whole journey back home =.=
Boring Sunday for me.... at first was planning to go Monash and go Sg Wang to shop
who knows...


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Farewel~ & 18th Birthday

23 . 11 . 2010
Ok~ I know it's kinda weeks ago but I have no idea what to blog about now so.Here is it.
Well today is actually farewell for Wayne who is going back to Kuching on 25th so as MingHan and YiLin who are going back to Penang on 25th too. MingHan the planner of the day. He din make it to the Malacca Trip thus he planned a badminton session on that day and continue with pool with Kim Gary!

I din follow them for the Badminton but I joined Kim Gary =D. & Thanks to my driver of the day, my brother Sean! Thanks for picking me up at 2pm to Sunway and thanks for the ride back home too!! On that day, another event is Ping & Neek are going for interview for nursing job in a clinic at SS15! Gratz to them as they got the job!! It's quite well paid btw~

Hmmm.... at Kim Gary, cheese is wat we crave for. We pawned the cheese =D
Well then~ how can camwhore session be missed out since Wayne,MingHan & YiLin are leaving soon??!!! So yea~! We took lots of photos and making lots of noise which we dont care =p It's FUN~! Who cares right? After the meal we were there joking,crapping and chatting and that's when a Secret Recipe Banana Chocolate cake came to me. Thanks!!! =')
To be frank, I DONT EAT BANANA. But they dunno about it LOLX. Still, thanks MingHan and YewSam for choosing it. Really thanks alot for the cake!

In past records, I never ever have so many friends to celebrate my birthday with. Last year even celebrated with Moral/Math SPM Exam papers. Blowing candles, cutting the cake are pretty normal thingy. Just haiz....have to use mouth to bite out the candle and the face is kena with the choco. No choice, we still teens, & that's what we will go to everyone I guess~!
After Kim Gary, guess where we headed to?
RED BOX!!!!!
OMG I have always wanted to shout and suggested that & thought they would just turn me down who knew?! Miracles do happen after all ;) I bought the membership card on the spot and we had just need to pay for student price. YEAH!! We had whole lota FUN in there!! It's craziness,insane and the best "pressie" ever in my birthday! Most of us are like crazy ppl shouting in there for no reason. We just SHOUT! Esp WeeHan singing the Adam's song and screamed like nobody business. Bravo~ Best part is when YiLin sings! Haha she always the FAST FORWARD. LMAO!!! She don't care and she just sing haha!!! Great fun of karaoke with you!

7pm................ I have to leave. Yeap my family was actually waiting for me at home. I never been a good daughter I know :p What's next for my birthday? VICTORIA STATION! Finally after Wayne's been describing how nice the food there, I get my chance to tryout their cuisine. Yea definitely not bad! But still I prefer Tony Roma's. Someone? Anyone? Please me there again.. Please~~~~

p/s: Wayne,MingHan & YiLin. Really really hope we get to meet again anytime sooner! Looking forward for another K Session with u YiLin & Wayne U still owe me smth ///
Seriously gonna miss u guys. Take care =')

Monday, December 6, 2010

All About S8

Gonna be quite a long post ba~ Kinda lazy when think of this.... well~
S8 started of with JUST S8..the exact number of ppl? I have no idea =.=
Few weeks later some S7 fellow blended in..(Who are they? Don't really rmb all either :p)
What do I know??? The started to get MESS and NOISE !!!!
Yeap! That's just wat a class shud have element isn't it??
S8...A double math class...some call is ENGINEERING class~ sounds pro ///
Our subject combi is Spec Math,Math,Phy,Chem,ESL...5 and only but not easy eh~!
2010 is quite a tough year..many wanted to drop out after the mid term and yea some get scholarships and ciaoz~ some knot tahan and ciaoz~
Lets start with our lecturers ^^ : -
  • Mentor : Ms. Lee Fui Fui
    Nice teacher. Comprehend with us alot and sorry for any troubles :p
    Ya know~ students arent meant to be obedient sometimes
  • Math : Mr. Munintaram
    Coolest tcher ever??? Hmmmm.... played with us the most!!!!
    Inventor of whack culture during Bdays and lecturer who talk about MAFIA WAR during lesson (swt rite? haha) Taught us valuable lessons too.
  • Phy : Mr Ng Chee Beng
    A very very good and dedicated Physics Tcher!! But sometimes can be mean too when trying to shoot u XD
  • Chem : Mr Lim Yee Ann
    I rmb I being called out since the 1st lesson =.= He provided us alot consultation hours.
    & sometimes din pay much attention in the class too =p
  • ESL : Ms. Banu
    Very nice tcher! some says she is horny =.= She is good at being sarcastic too XDD!
    Funny moments when we her class ^^
& now....lets move on to all the sampat kia =D (following the list)
  1. Ang Su Ling (Left)
    1st/2nd fren I know in the class^^ Too bad she went back to Johor for A Levels d~ don't think she is very serious can't joke person! Just u all din see it only! Misses the days we fool around in class when no one d. Really miss eeeeeu! =')
  1. Calvin Lau aka Lau Tupai (Left)
    Tupai suits ngam ngam ho! Tupai jumping here n there making noises yea it been described in the name.
  2. Chong Xin Yu aka Kajang Kia (Left)
    Very quiet. Chatted more b4 he left and after he left on MSN for some times. He is the STAR scholar geng ar! Diam diam ubi really berisi ! btw, u still owe us some SATAY!
  3. Choo Yau Sean aka my bro aka Nerd
    PRO!!! Dont get cheated by his look or wat-so-ever lies! He is a damn pro! Math thingy especially if not mistaken. Thanks for fetching and helping throughout the year. Good brother ^^
  4. Christine Wong aka Aunty aka Jane (Left)
    Dont get cheated by her outlook and her behavior!!!! She is a JPA scholar! Geng rite? Every time so sampat wan. When go out with u, there's always Great Crazy moment. Esp the time in fitting room. Helped alot in academic too. Cya soon~
  5. Goh Soo Kit aka Sampat aka Fish Head
    My 1st/2nd fren ^^My roomie for 3 months! Misses those days Kit =') & Kinda like the leader who leaded me & SuLing that play in the class almost everyday after everyone left. We dance,jump,draw,sing.
  6. Ivan Looi Jia Jun aka Big Ass aka Boss Nerd
    He is the super pro too!! Result damn good. U can know how he earn his BOSS NERD title rite? Thanks for helping in academic too. Someone who can play with too. There are sampat moments too and damn spoiler in Bleach! =.=
  7. Lee Cheng Mun aka CM aka Robert
    Also another PRO =.= To be frank~ u look scary to me when 1st day enter =p LOLX after chatted then u 100% NOT SCARY at all haha. A volleyball player too. Hmmm, never quit going against me! Issh!! Rapunzel~ won't forget abt this @.@
  8. Liew Kit Shen aka Chicken God aka Comp Pro
    Our class techno pro. Finished Mr Munin task of creating dunno whats that call which looks like touch screen on whiteboard using Wii. Geng ar~!! & ur house is frigging damn COOL! Cinema? Pond? Pool? Just COOL!
  9. Lim Yin Wei aka Mrs. Lee =p
    Very CUTE!!! =p never see her angry face before. She can go "WILD" too haha.
    Had those crazy camwhore time with u!! Can't wait to camwhore again ^^The 3rd girl fren I knew in the class^^Thanks for helping out too
  10. Maxson Tee Jia Ying aka Lala aka Mag aka Papa
    Actually he got lots lots lots more names to be called. Just name one u like. Hmm, dominant for his lala look? Girl's name? =D Creator of scandals.R u the gossip girl? O_O About to leave for his Pilot dream but ended up staying till last. Thanks for being driver in the past 3months at SS15 and joked around until midnight.
  11. Ooi Meng Kit (Left)
    He was once known as the Gay. I just realized I din chatted much with u =.= Just know we used to be the same island.
  12. Sam Wai Seng aka Samseng (Left)
    He is a very nice guy. Looks quiet but also very GENG! JPA scholar too =.= Din talked too much too ahahha ps :p Hope to meet again soon!
  13. Say Gui Peng aka Patrick
    Why? cos he does have the look of the Patrick in Spongebob! Most rmb things about him is when he used Helium gas in balloon to chg his sound haha!Carmate during the way to Malacca! Now he balik kpg d. Also a super pro which diam diam =.=
  14. Sue Wye Hong aka Mountain aka Brokeback
    Bcos he's a GAY. No Doubt. Gay partner? Meng Kit =D Emmmmm, ooh! Got lots of Gay Moves!! & it's like seriously super GAY. Thus another name is GayBert named by CM if not mistaken. & yea another pro also...
  15. Tan Ping Kee aka Pig
    4th girl fren I know =D Hmmmm always been said as slow haha... she got SLOW motions moves! XDD Very funny btw~! Oh and she is a SHOPPER! Now She wanting the Ralph Lauren create ur own tee ... LOLX
  16. Tan Yew Sam aka Duck
    Recently just find out he is a good shooter =.= Unshown potential in the class. & GOH is who he liking Kekekekek.... I will patiently wait for my ABALONE Tan!!!
  17. Christopher Tee Fu Yuan (Left)
    1 of the KH ppl too. & is a SUPER PRO another JPA scholar!!!! During the 2 years in KH I never really talk to him b4 I think until SAM haha. All I know he is very Geng nia according to ppl all around & NO DOUBT for that!
  18. Tee Hing Kuan aka Sunwalker
    Another KH ppl. 1 of the Joker of our class. Oh he is the 'Eminem' too! Covered Love the way you lie with Kit =D and our very own class song in rap with its parody. Can consider of being a composer~
  19. Tee Woei Jing aka ajinomoto
    He is kinda quiet guy too. But quite funny when talk with him.^^ From Wayne, few of us knew that he is very hardworking! His study plan is AWESOME!
  20. Teh Boon Siang (Left)
    Yeap~ another pro =.= JPA Scholar too !!!!! He is another one who gonna pursue Pilot dream. Never really talk to him earlier until moved to SS15. Came over quite often during the last month. Another Joker too.
  21. Teh Li Onn aka Lion
    Also geng punya people. Lion suits him BEST! Not just from the name sounds like it. His "characteristic" too! We whole class know he HATE vegetables. 100% PURE lion. & We just ENJOY forcing him to eat all those vege =D
  22. Tiong Chiong Junn aka Worm
    Worm~ thanks to me =p. & seriously HE GOT A WORM FACE!!!!! super duper triple ALIKE! but he also pro wan dont Play play~ FYI, his father owns TIONG NAM!! XDDD
    He loves Oh! ^^
  23. Wayne Lee Mei Zia aka Gorilla aka ah gu
    He is hairy. Thats how he get the name LOLX. My academic partner and group member too in Math DI! XDD Quite ngam. He is my ah gu (uncle) FYI. Sampat too. serious when needed and despression =.= Anyway faster get me ah gim la!
  24. Yap Heng Yong aka Yong Hua (Left)
    JOKER!!! After he left, the class alot alot alot alot quiet!! OMG thats not good T.T He got super many jokes comes from nowhere. In which we ENJOY it! Argh~! yum cha someday!
  25. Yeo Wee Han aka Horny Baby aka Sister
    Anything that's HORNY? 99.99% of the class will str8 looking at him. But thanks for being a few times driver. Oh he is the Opposite of LION. He loves VEGE =D Good Luck in That Sista!! Support ya!!
  26. Lim MingHan aka John
    1st of all, SORRY!! Missed out u :p Cos I was referring the old name list =.=
    He is the "newly added" from A Levels Months ago. Sometimes his speech is quite a sacarstic one =.= & he can think kinda out of box thinking! Tho wrong bday cake still THANKS alot =D
That's all for now =D ENJOY


Thanks to the stomachache Now I'm here to blog......
Vomited out a piece of vege so I guess is digestion problem again that causes me this pain T.T
Only manage to sleep a few hours and the pain is seriously killing me!! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!
I always been hating STOMACHACHE since I was small~
I dunno why I always have stomachache problem ever since I was little....
N damn it! I seriously HATE it every time it happens!!!!
Feels like dying and helpless and ruin my day.........
Remember once the stomachache lasted for 3 days and have to consult a doctor.............

STOMACHACHE shooosh shoooosh!! Please GO AWAY!!!!!
I want my day to be enjoyable not RUINED~!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Completion . An Inspiration


Haruse Kiina. The girl inside the drama. Completed this series during these days. To Kill Boredom =.=
She has a special power which ppl call it "Scanner". Why?? Bcos she can read through books with just a flip and watch the videos/pictures with the fastest fast forwarding speed! ! ! Pretty COOL isn't it??
Btw she looks dumb but CUTE and CLEVER at the same time! She can think really out of box. That's truly something amaze me ^^

Hmmmm..... this series only have 9 episodes. Short but NICE. It's stated that all the stories are based on true stories. Things we always heard of it happens but we never really go deep inside and find it out. Many different kind of things happens around us. But, everything happen for a reason. Many things can be explained.

Everyday is like a miracle. Anything can happens. Reason is what we gotta search for.