Saturday, October 22, 2011


First class honors! CONGRATULATION!
4 years of degree life finished with receiving a cert on stage, getting blessings, wearing a robe and the BIG Square hat, with photographs and MEMORIES. Congratulation to my cousin with this success! Hardwork pays off!

Yeap a long 2 hours convocation and yeap it was boring....but the main thing is seeing them graduated makes u think it's gonna be my turn soon. My friends telling me ur turn coming soon 3 years just a blink of eyes. Here I am in the final sem of 1st year! It feels like I just had my first lecture, first tutorial, first orientation YESTERDAY! And now I am entering the final week of the sem and gonna have finals examination in 2 weeks time. GOSH Time flies in Australia!!!

My cousin had set a really HIGH BAR! Dunno how many times of hard work should I work on to beat the bar =/ But damn it not in the mood of studying and here I am talking to myself O_O eeeek!! How would the life after convocation be? No idea.... I dont even know am I looking forward for it or not...some part of me wanted to go back to Form5 - college's life where I had my best years of my life!!

kk..gotta turn on study mood!
just a very random post at this hour =D

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