Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sad & Happy events in 1 DAY

Smth I almost forgot..yes my 1st ever saman in my life with my fren right here at this place! =.= Cos tram tix wasn't validated...almost forgotten & POOF the saman is here today. HOW GREAT! Gonna try writing letter to them which my frens they said it might work. Oh well jsut give it a try la~

Next.........the HAPPIEST Email I ever see!! ''Ur tutor had dominated u as producing one of the good models........We want u to reach earlier to have photograph of the models and videography..' OMG!!!!! I'M so so so so so so so HAPPY!!!!!! Well just domination... hopefully hopefully hopefully mine is good enough to receive the award like what my fren did in the last sem. I will be so damn friggin' HAPPY!!!!! Please please please please!! >.< I really want to score this subject so damn badly! Am currently doing the Module 4 presentation..URGH so hard to compile everything in! Wish I'm no cramping too much and screw it up. I will be so effing HATE myself to the max by then! ;( Next good thing happened today is MUAHAHAHA another email which I could earn money!! Yesh the incentive pay survey!!! 75minutes survey n u get ur paid! Finally I'm chosen!! Last sem applied 2 surveys they never get back to me...NOW Finally!!!! Gosh damna happy! I wish I at the beach so i can shout but indeed I ended up had a 2 hours nap..WASTE MY TIME! =(

alright BACK TO WORK!!! Argh!!!! Gotta make this work out!!! Gotta score! Gota finish it TODAY!! This is the only subject which I have HIGH HOPE onto it!! Dont let me down =)

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  1. Good for you, though I really did not understand most of the things you said. It is always nice to hear good news from people, even though you're not really part of it. XD

    Monica Bremer