Friday, January 6, 2012

Once Upon Creativity...

CNY coming soon again and it's cleaning up time again. The time of my life I hated the most! =.= I hate packing stuff up there's just too damn MANY stuffs to be cleaned up and with my lazy ass won't move away from the chair..infront my my Tetris! =D

Anyhow am forced to clean it up and oopps discovered my art craft last time. Remember back them I love to colour all the plasters of Paris during my school breaks. It's the most awesome time of my life indeed because I loving all the colours and loving the end product of it. Looking at it, I wonder why last time I have the idea to think what colour to colour that area and what contour should I use and all the next coming up shit... And now I think I have just lost it. If you ask me to colour one now, I might only go straight to the specific colour and won't think about the gradient at all!

All the colourful past had gone with time...thinking this life getting dull and dull =.= God damn it! This cannot be happening! I love life with COLOURS! Gotta back up my creativity again d! I dont want to live my life as an architect without the enjoyment! It's gonna be so so so sad man! ;(
Oh and btw, read 1 article about the top most unemployed graduates field...Guess what's the top? it's ARCHITECTURE! GOSH Making me think that I should go for Engineering once again! =(

Just a short updates, that's it for now...back to TETRIS! :D

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