Monday, January 16, 2012

He's Just Not That Into You

Well quite a while d this movie but just watched it this morning. At first thought it would be another Valentine's Day movie but it turned out to be other than my expectation. I couldn't say this is the best romance-comedy movie but well it's not bad actually. Reflecting the reality in this world. (p/s: for some unknow reason I like this poster :D )

This story started with how girls always comfort each other when 1 side i fallen apart. They always telling the fake truth, telling what they really want to listen instead of the truth. The 'NOT' word seems to be the Forbidden word. Back in reality, most girls did that too I bet! Sometimes the truth is hard to be said and the consequences are hard to bear it either. There this girl in the movie, Marry (Drew Barrymore) she portray a young lady with desperation of getting into a relationship. She met the guy and hoping for his call day after day...However he did not! Her girlfriends all around her giving her fake hope and making her believing it. It's nice that friends care for each other but truth sometimes is important! Just saying. Mary has always fallen for a guy that never gonna calls her back, never gonna commit. And met Alex (Justin Long) who helped her out all the times even when he's with another girl! Shooo sweet! However he did not know that he has fallen for Mary and all the cliche thingy goes on. (use ur imagination)

This movie showed different stories from different girls. Mary is the one that desperately wanting a relationship but always failed. But from here, her friend who rushed into a marriage earlier had ended with a divorce. Anyway for all the singles I do think that there's no need to rush into a relationship. If you're destinied to be in a relationship then you will eventually; if not then it's just the way it is. Treasure your friends around you! I always believe that friends are the most awesome thing ever happen to me. Different group of friends with different thoughts and be at different places whenever you need them at different scenarios! While for the friends that in relationship...take things slow! Don't get into the consequences of breaking up! In 2011, I have seen lots of my friends gotten into a relationship! That's a great thing! :D However they are some that got into the stage of breaking up =(

Well, just a random post about this movie and some thoughts.
Welcome to share your thoughts here whoever that watched it =D


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